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Friday, February 12, 2010

Reservoirs and Dams in California and the Upcoming Big One

I bet the insurance companies have decided to completely pull out of California as it is. My Health Insurance is going up something like 30 or 40 percent. A post on the bitch who took over my insurance company is on the way.

But on to more pressing things, like the crumbling infrastructure in California. The Big Un is on its way. And the Dams and Reservoirs are crumbling all over the Salmon. Wonder if fear of earthquakes is the only motivating force in California for fixing the water problem.

California is plowing towards her Neptune Return in Pisces. Since California is a Virgo Sun, the opposing sign, this could be a real situation. Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces doesn't like boundaries. And Pisces likes Water. Actually, Pisces likes vapor best. California's got Neptune singleton in Water in her natal chart so all things Neptunian about this place will really stand out. That could mean loads of gushing water. People growing gills. More likely it means that we'll continue as a Welfare State, the bureaucracy and corruption and gangs will take over completely, and Marijuana will continue to be our biggest grossing product. These are things ruled by Pisces. On the good side, Pisces has pizazz. Pisces represents escapism and Pisces usually brings in the big bucks because of that. Steve Jobs has been one of our greatest blessings and he's a Double Pisces.

Neptune says: Just make it pretty or I will disappear. Be nice. Just stick some parsley on top of these dams, California. The floods will come and wash away the stuff that needs to be rebuilt. Everyone will sigh and say that things happen for a reason. So Neptune.

Since there's been a 3 year drought and the water levels in the reservoirs have been low I suppose that someone somewhere could have been walking around during this time with a can of spackle patching up some of the exposed walls or something. There's an article in the San Jose Mercury News about how half the Reservoirs and Dams that serve the San Jose area would probably not be able to withstand a 6.0 to 7.0 earthquake. Can someone at least keep this newspaper going? Paul Rogers has written an article called "Safety limits aging dams: Five of 10 reservoirs can't be filled to capacity; costly seismic studies required by state."

On page A16 there's a nice picture of the local San Jose area showing where the local dams and reservoirs are. Trust me, you don't want to be driving down 101 around Morgan Hill when the big un hits until you keep oars in your car.

In the article there's a list of the dams that have been determined to be seismic problems and the ones that apparently don't show a problem.

So, I thought I would use some bone head astrobabble and try to figure out if the charts show vulnerability from the big Earthquake Infrastructure Crumbling transit that's in the Sky right now. That is the early Cardinal Sign t-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

There's a great list on Wikipedia of Dams and Reservoirs in California here:


There are ten reservoirs in the San Jose, CA area. 5 have been determined to need seismic retrofits. 5 are said to be able to survive between a 6.6 and a 7.2 earthquake.

It looks like Dams and Reservoirs were built in the area clustered within two different time periods in the 19th Century. One set was built in the 1930s and one set in the 1950s so they are all more than fifty years old. The ones built in the 1930s, of course, are 20 years older and so are more vulnerable. They were also all opened in 1935 and 1936 so were probably being built in the early 1930s during the last Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square in Cardinal Signs.

Turns out that 4 out of 5 on the list needing retrofits were built in the early 1930s. Those photos of Haiti? That could be the Silicon Valley. Two of the reservoirs that are deemed ok were opened in 1935 as well.

The Anderson Dam is closest to Morgan Hill according to the map and it was built in 1950. It is on the loser list. Obviously they didn't hire any Virgos to work on that project. (Actually, there's a really crazy story about the guy who built all the dams and aquaducts down in Los Angeles. Not only did he divert all the water from the farmlands up in the Central Valley, but he was responsible for completely flooding half of the Valley going all the way down to L.A. His name was Mulholland. He was a Virgo. Go figure).

I found an official opening date for the Almaden Reservoir, Jan. 1, 1936 (nearest to Los Gatos). This damn has Sun 11 Capricorn conjunct NN 13 NN squaring an Aries Moon. Astrologically, that makes it pretty vulnerable to the big t-square transit. I don't know how wide people like to keep their orbs but with that Sun-NN conjunction in Capricorn it looks like Pluto's beginning to lick its butt. And that's not good. Transiting Jupiter is hitting its Saturn which is very widely opposing Neptune. Let's hope that "Jupiter" equals "Luck" in this case, and not "Over optimism" or "Overflowing."

This damn also has Sun trine Neptune 17 Virgo natally. Saturn 7 Pisces. Uranus 2 Taurus. Jupiter 12 Sagittarius.

It's really difficult to find opening dates for these dams. I suppose I'd have to read a lot and right now I'm panicking about other stuff. The Coyote Dam is built right on a fault line. It also is a great place to go fishing. So, of course, that will be the first one to flood. It was opened in 1936 and is closest to Morgan Hill. Basically, from the looks of the map that the two dams near Morgan Hill (Anderson and Coyote) will turn into HWY 101 into the Grand Rapids for a day if there's a big earthquake on the Calaveras fault.

It's very interesting to compare the Outer planet placements with the dates. Apparently placement of Outer Planets in Cardinal Signs is a time when Dams will be built. The voters passed a bill in 1934 okaying the building of the 1930s dams. Jupiter was in Libra (Cardinal). Uranus was in Aries. Pluto was in Cancer. Jupiter moved on (about one sign per year) after that but Uranus and Pluto both remained in their Cardinal Signs. In the 1950s when the next wave came through Uranus was in Cancer and Neptune was in Libra. Jupiter was in Cancer in 1955 and in Libra in 1957. Maybe the engineers should recheck the Vasona Dam one more time, who knows. Can't get any more precise dates for opening without working really hard so this is what I've got.

The Losers on the List:

Alamaden built opened 1/1/1936
Anderson opened 1950
Calero opened 1935
Coyote opened 1936
Guadalupe opened 1935

The ones that hopefully are okay.:

Chesbro opened 1955
Lexington construction began Spring 1952, completed Fall 1953
Stevens Creek opened 1935
Uvas oppened 1957
Vasona opened completed 1934
Guadalupe opened 1935



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