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Friday, February 05, 2010

5.9 Earthquake Again off Eureka Coast

A second major earthquake in a month's time hit the Northern California Coast yesterday. I believe it was about 45 miles offshore of Eureka. That area has a major, I mean huge, 9.0 or so earthquake every 300 or 400 years. I wrote about the last one which is thought to have occurred back in 1700.

Am just going to put down a list of observations:

5.9 Earthquake off Eureka Coast
Feb. 4, 2010 12:20 Pm epicenter 40.418 N , 124.919 W I set chart for Eureka.

Sun 16 Aquarius (H10 conjunct MC); Moon 2 Scorpio (H6); ASC 8 Gemini; MC 14 Aquarius; NN 20 Capricorn (H8)

Uranus rules H10; Mercury rules the chart, H1 and also the IC; Jupiter rules H7

Chart shows a huge stellium on an angle in the 10th House in the sign of Aquarius (with Jupiter in Pisces).

Uranus is placed off an angle but in the 11th House which is its natural house rulership.

Sun trine Moon from H10 to H6.

The Sun disposits to Uranus and is angular in conjunction with the Midheaven.

Moon disposits to Pluto and is off an angle in the 6th House.

Chart Ruler Mercury is conjunct the North Node over the 8th/9th House cusp.

North Node is in a Cardinal Sign and an Earth Sign.

Mars is conjunct the IC from the 3d house. It is prominent in the chart because it is conjunct an angle, is Retrograde, is a singleton in Fire, is the Lead Planet in a Locomotive Chart Shape.


Sun in Detriment
Moon in Fall
Saturn in Exhaltation
Uranus and Pluto in Acc. Dignity
Uranus and Neptune in Mutual Reception
There are no final dispositors



Blogger twoparrots said...

HI, Love your blog, it helps expand my very limited understanding of astrology. Since this is the year chickens are coming home to roost I would be interested in your take on our earthquake. It happened this morning at 3:59am 45ish miles west of Chicago, in Elgin, Illinois 8 miles underground. We do not have many earthquakes in this part of the country even though there is a very large and deep fault line that runs near this area and down to St Louis. I may just be unaware of the facts but it seems like that planet quakes from east to west, although I never hear this mentioned. Just curious.

7:08 AM  
Blogger twoparrots said...

Correction to my last post. I have observed quakes running from WEST to EAST.

7:21 AM  

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