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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's Singing This Anthem?

I just turned 50 this year. In terms of Health Insurance of course that's bad news for premium hikes. It's bad for looking for a job as well. Why would an employer pay extra to cover me? I can't see. I think my ears are clogged. For some reason I'm depressed and can't stop eating French Fries. While I was still 49 years old my Doctor told me "You know, next year you get to start having bi-annual colonoscopies." I've been avoiding her like the plague, I have no interest in viewing my polyps on the big screen.

So, although my Health Insurance has been rising every year for probably the past 4 years as if I had just turned 50, I knew that this year would be special. It's my Chiron Return after all. Chiron? The Inspired Teacher who can pass all great healing knowledge on to his students but can't heal his own crap? Yay, Life is sticking that concept into my face right now. Passage under the Golden Arches leads to the Pearly Gates through my Anthem Healthcare Insurance I guess.

When the big white envelope came explaining "the changes to my plan" I didn't open it. To be honest I still haven't opened it. I probably won't open it. I know I can't pay it. It's still sitting on the passenger car seat under the Rex Bills Rulership book. I'm keeping it where my Polyps can best take a read. And even then I can't avoid it. Turns out the hikes were so extensive and so mercilessly high that the Government is intervening and the Media is attacking. I got to hear the announcement of what I assume is going to be a 39 percent rate hike from off the news.

So I've been paying attention a little. I've guffawed and cheered when California Assemblyman Dave Jones headed a hearing of my Health Insurance Company, Lovely Anthem, which used to be Blue Cross. Jones asked the President of my Health Insurance company why she has no shame. No shame? Women higher ups in the workplace routinely have no shame. Where've ya been Dave? The President of Anthem is a sweet faced woman with a endearing voice who never really has an answer for anything. Meanwhile she's channeling Bonnie and Clyde. Those charts that are showing low inflation rates in the U.S.? Where do the economists come up with those lies? I used to wonder the same thing while watching the Real Estate prices soar.

Like 700,000 other people I received the rate hike which will finally force me to discontinue the policy, maybe accept a much more inferior policy. Just as I reach the age when I will need it. After all the years that I've been paying into it while healthy.

I already tried a few years ago to switch to a lower paying policy and found that the benefits were so downgraded that financially they wouldn't make sense if I ever actually were to get sick. The Health Insurance Companies don't explain to you, for example, things like, the co-pay you have now will pay for prescription drugs after you've paid $100.00 on your current policy. With your new policy you will have a $1000 deductible plus some other weird thing I can't remember. And, because of the changeover at the time I saw how much the prescription drugs the Doctors had given me really cost. And I got scared. Really scared. (The Drugs didn't even work). Thing is, I don't have a clue how to talk to the sales people. They, on the other hand, are as slimy as used car dealers and know exactly how to sell me a swamp in a medical waste bin.

So back to the astrology of my Liege Lords of the Insurance Companies.

Yahoo article about the hearings and the dopey President of Anthem telling Dave Jones that she can't remember how much she made last year. Linky: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100224/ap_on_bi_ge/us_anthem_blue_cross_rate_hike.

My Insurance Company, interestingly enough, is headed by two women. Once again we see the extreme callousness of women in power. Also the stupidity. Hate to say it, and this probably isn't true, but a white guy in the insurance industry facing a major recession that will last for years will probably at least be looking for some sort of placatory number crunching thing. Women just let things fall apart. The women managers from Texas I've worked for have been extra special about this. And I suspect it's almost guaranteed that a company has less than 7 years to live if it takes one of these sleezeballs on. But, what do I know?

Anthem's President is someone named Leslie Margolin. Nice Name. As I said she has a nice face, the kind of face that doesn't think real clearly. The type of face that doesn't know how much she made last year. Leslie knows exactly how much it will cost to treat me for heart attack, breast cancer, diabetes, bad breath, whatever. I bet she could tell us right now how much, to the penny, my colonoscopy will cost. And I can also guarantee you that she has included in fine print somewhere that I can't understand how to write the policy so that I'm under insured for the treatments anyway. And she can probably speak in a really sweet, whispery yet level headed tone about the whole thing while I scream my friggin head off.

I don't have Leslie's birth date. She probably has forgotten what it is anyway. So I must move on to Leslie's boss. My Insurance company, Anthem, has a parent company, Wellpoint, which is run by CEO Angela Braly. Turns out Braly's a Cancer Sun same as me. Shit.

Angela Braly
b. July 1, 1961 Dallas, TX

Sun 10 Cancer; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 30 Leo

Braly has a conjunction of Mars-Pluto in Virgo over the cusp with her Leo North Node. Mars-Pluto has an iron will. She uses Public health in order to show off in the world. And, as I said, this means that she's adjusting her own oxygen mask, not yours. And the plane probably is crashing anyway.

Angela's chart sort of reminds me of Janet Reno's chart who was also a Cancer Sun with a Mars-Pluto conjunction (in Leo, though). Janet did some weird stuff involving force of will, boy o boy. Remember that compound in Texas? She gassed the kids. Then there was Easter at Elian Gonzalez' house. The Military stormed little Elian's house with subatomic machine guns and a video camera and so we got to watch a bunch of soldiers in full uniform hauling Elian off at gunpoint with a look of total terror on his face. Enough to make me want to spew my Easter Eggs.

Man, you know, I have a Cancer Sun with a Mars-Pluto conjunction. Thank God I'm not in charge.

Uranus in Leo is also conjunct the North Node in Angela's chart. And Lilith is also conjunct Uranus-NN. I've said it before and it bears repeating: Lilith is always there. What does this mean? Angela thinks she's going to ride her own pony off into the wide open sunset, Anthem/Wellpoint customers can just die for all she cares. (That's Texas talk, isn't it? Brassy Tacky?) When asked at her personal hearing, Angela knew exactly how much she made last year. Something like 2M plus another 8M in stock. Angela's got a conjunction of Sun to Mercury Rx in Cancer. She had lots of lessons early on in life about retaining memory of information. Cancer has a long memory.

It's fun to watch Angela's progressed Sun right now. She's been in the middle of a major life changing set of contact progressions over a long period of time. This could account for her rise. It will account for her fall. Her Sun has been passing over Lilith and Uranus in Leo. That evokes a rise in leadership skills that involves riding a really wild pony. Now Angela's progressed Sun is about 2 or 3 degrees (years) away from touching her North Node at 29 Leo. That's the Regulus degree. Regulus had a great rise and Regulus can have a great Fall. Someone who is too full of himself (the way Leo can be) can really crash, boom bang. After that Angela's progressed Sun will hit her Mars in Virgo and then her Pluto in Virgo. The change from Leo to Virgo can be a very refining experience. It can also mean a major change from Major to Minor, as they say in the song. This is a change that I think I would really like to see for someone like Angela right now. I've been through it myself. Actually, while weaving in and out of major Neptune transits at the same time, which adds a bit to the loser part.

Since Sun passing over Uranus-Mars-Pluto like this can indicate death or murder, I wonder if anyone would care to make follow ups of all us 700,000 Anthem customers out here in California in about 10 years to see if we have a higher than average death rate. That's about how long it will take for Angela's Sun progression to complete its nasty travels. This Sun-Mars-Pluto aspect is like that guy in the sweat lodge in Sedona. It's also in the chart of the CEO who was responsible for Bhopal chemical spill. It's sort of always inadvertent, done from a distance. Legal, yet sociopathic.

So, I decided to look up the planetary aspects for the legislation in Europe which led to adoption of Universal Health Care in Europe to see why the U.S. Government is having so much trouble pushing this thing through. The short answer is the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square. This shows a huge collective manifestation of people who really just want to get in each others' faces.

That's neither here nor there. If anyone were to read this blog they would know that politics isn't really my thing.

Europe's adoption of Human Rights legislation which enacted Universal Health care in Europe and all other Industrialized countries except the U.S. is called "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

According to Wikipedia Germany was first to try to adopt health care in 1883. Otto von Bismark tried to enact socialist reform. Wasn't he shot, or something? Interesting that this was around the time of the big Outer Planet conjunction of Neptune to Pluto in Taurus (They were both still in Taurus but not within orb of a conjunction). Trying to interpret this aspect is pretty difficult. Taurus rules money and values surrounding money and the material world. Neptune is naturally empathic and Pluto represents deepest motivations. We probably don't ever do anything unless Pluto is there to motivate us.

The Health care stuff didn't work for Europe until Pluto hit Leo all those many years later. That's a whole quarter of a rotation of the wheel later for the planet with the longest orbit. The passage seems to have happened only after the home front was completely decimated by the Pluto in Cancer transit, i.e. 2 WW's. Some things are only born out of desperation I guess.
According to Wikipedia:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (Article 25 = Right to Healthcare)
signed by the United Nations General Assembly
Dec. 10, 1948 (at night) Palais de Chaillot, Paris France

Sun 19 Sagittarius; Moon Aries; NN 3 Taurus Rx
(Ascendant could be anything from Gemini to Virgo)

One can see the strength of this date for signing on to a great humanitarian deed. The Sagittarius Sun is great for starters. Sagittarians are spend thrifts. They also have a strong social ethic and are broad minded. The Moon in Aries shows the needs of the Individual. In this chart the dispositors of these two major planets are in conjunction in Capricorn (Government). Two different Grand Trines seem to further bind this energy together. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in an Earth Grand Trine with Saturn in Virgo and NN in Taurus. Then the Sun and Moon are possibly (can't be sure because don't have Moon's exact placement) are possible in a Fire Grand Trine with Pluto 17 Leo (Human Will).

What stand out most of all here is Uranus. Uranus represents the power of the collective group. Uranus likes to think about the future in ways that will benefit everyone. Uranus is unaspected at 29 Gemini and is out of bounds at 23" 53.'

There are no singletons in this chart but 3 planets are out of bounds. Well, if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. Along with Uranus, Mercury and Mars are out of bounds.

So, sad to say, the t-square aspect of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto that we are currently in the middle of which reflects the energies of the early 1930s was the extreme stressor that, in the past, led to letting things boil to an awful head years later. Unless there's some way to look around the problems of this t-square through signs that sextile and trine it I don't see much progress. People seem to be wanting to argue right now.

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