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Monday, February 22, 2010

'Round Midnight at Camp Guantanamo

As if it's not bad enough that Camp Guantanamo is known through out the world for carrying out gruesome tortures of its prisoners. These are prisoners who were caught and never tried and have simply been held down in Cuba in cages. But, according to an article in this week's Harper's Magazine called "The Guantanamo 'Suicides'," writer Scott Horton says that within Camp Guantanamo there is a little building called "Camp No" where, out of curiosity, guards go to see if they can hear prisoners scream. There is a cell called Alpha Block where the highly suspect are held. And sometimes the guards stand in their towers at night and watch an unmarked white van called "The Paddy Wagon" transport prisoners from "Alpha Block" to "Camp No" and back. And on the night of June 9, 2006 a prison guard watched prisoners get transported to Camp No one by one. And right before Midnight the Paddy Wagon came back and went straight to the Hospital. And then all the lights in the camp went on. And then the Sargeant Major Seargent of the camp told everyone that the prisoners had committed suicide by stuffing rags down their own throats while their hands and feet were bound. Only Houdini could have done that. Then the Major Sargent Major told the press that the 3 prisoners had hung themselves. All three were due to be released within weeks. Why, after detention of 3 to 5 years would they do that?

The remains of all three were returned to their families with their throats removed. Venus was at 14 degrees Taurus that night. Taurus rules the throat. Venus was prominently placed within this chart because she was in a sign of her own rulership and because she was a singleton in Earth. How to interpret? Good day to go for the jugular.

3 Prisoners Probably Tortured to Death at Camp Guantanamo, Cover Up by Military claims Suicide

June 9, 2006 NN 1 Aries
transport to Camp No begins around 6 pm
Transport back to Camp G. by 11:00 pm.
Times of death thought to be around 10:30 pm
Lights On 11:30 pm

Sun 20 Gemini; Moon 29 Scorpio; NN 1 Aries
Ascendant for 6:30 pm is 5 Sagittarius; Ascendant for 10:30 is 1 Aquarius;
MC 9 Virgo for 6:30 pm; MC 14 Scorpio for 10:30 pm;

This chart shows a conjunction of Mars to Saturn in Leo on this date. Mars = Warriors and Saturn = Authority. Mars and Saturn working together strongly represent the Military. Interesting that the story is coming out to the public during a long Mars Rx Return on that spot.

At 10:30 pm the Mars-Saturn conjunction was on the Descendant so that aptly describes a use of Military Force. At that time Jupiter was tightly conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio and Venus was conjunct the IC to the degree. As Scorpio rules Death and Murder (and Suicide) and the IC rules end of life, pretty interesting configurations for 3 prisoners who were strangled to death. (I'm assuming that they were strangled and didn't commit suicide, that's only an assumption). This opposition was the axis of a Kite configuration including Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces.

There are signatures to show that emotions could have been out of control on this date.
The Moon was out of bounds at the end of Scorpio, 27 to 29 degrees. The Moon was also approaching Full (Gibbous).
Mercury was out of bounds in Cancer (and a singleton so not flowing with the rest of the chart, like Venus).
With both Moon (feelings) and Mercury (thinking) flailing so high in the sky there was very little room for rational thinking.
Another possible influence, this event occurred between two Eclipse Sets which showed strong Sun-Moon-Mars-Nodal Axis aspects. This is a violent combination. (Dates: Total Solar: Mar. 29, 2006 5:15 am EST (NY, NY). Partial Lunar: Sept. 7, 2006 1:42 EST NY, NY).

I don't know what rules Gagging to death, suppose it's the Venus-IC in Taurus opposing Jupiter-MC in Scorpio (murdered by authority figures).

The cover up could have occurred because at this point there were two big outer planet mutual receptions between Jupiter and Pluto and between Uranus and Neptune. Big political maneuvers that contrast against the out-of-bounds Moon and Mercury which show personal feelings and thoughts (or lack of). There were also two Grand Trines which perhaps was making the military feel lucky, like they could get away with this.

NN 1 Aries Rx trine Moon 29 Scorpio trine Mars 4 Leo-Saturn (military use of force)
Uranus 15 Pisces trine Mercury 11 Cancer trine Jupiter 10 Scorpio Rx-MC 14 Scorpio.

This last Grand Trine is actually a Kite with Axis Jupiter-MC in Scorpio opposing Venus-IC in Taurus. I've already discussed possible significant of these planets regarding death by strangulation. (in addition to death by force: Mars-Saturn conjunct Descendant).

I'll list the prisoners below and the birth dates given for them on Wikipedia. These dates don't match up with other dates given on Wikipedia and the ages mentioned in the article so I'll try to avoid talking about the charts. It's very interesting to see the mutual big transits of the Nodal Axes to the natal charts among other things. Two of the men died as Pluto was passing over their natal Neptunes in Sagittarius. That could certainly indicate death while being held in custody. It looks as if Al-Salami's death could have been an accident. Perhaps he was the first to go and the other two were killed because they had witnessed the event. I said I wouldn't say anything...

If the dates are accurate, it looks like this was a bad day for Earth signs at Gitmo. There was a square of Pluto 26 Sagittarius (Galactic Center) to the Nodal Axis which was on the Aries Points. (We are heading into another big one this Summer so watch out). And, as I said, this event occurred between two Eclipses which had signatures for violence through Mars (and Pluto)contact with Sun-Moon-Nodes.

Mani Shaman Al-Utaybi
b. May 16, 1981 Al Qarara, Saudi Arabia

Sun 26 Taurus; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 6 Leo

t. Mars-SAturn 4-8 Leo conjunct n. NN 6 Leo
t. SN c. n.Jupiter-Saturn 1-4 Libra

Yasser Talal Al Zahrani

b. Sept. 22, 1984 Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Sun 30 Virgo Moon Leo NN 1 Gemini

t. Moon c. n. SN 1 Sagittarius
t. SN c. N. Sun 30 Virgo
t. Pluto 26 Sagittarius conjunct natal Mars 22 Sagittarius-Neptune 29 Sagittarius-Jupiter 4 Capricorn

Salah Ahmed Al-Salami
b. Jan. 12, 1970 Yemen (I used Sanaa' the capitol)
Sun 22 Capricorn; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 15 Pisces

Going through Jupiter return in Scorpio. t. Uranus conjunct natal NN 15 Pisces conjunct natal Mars 21 Pisces, possibly Moon.
T. NN 1 Libra possibly conjunct natal Moon-Chiron opposing n.Pluto 28 Virgo.



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