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Friday, April 08, 2011

Do No Evil

Tomorrow is the Mercury Max Cycle. This is a cycle which began March 23 and will end on May 7. Enveloped within this is a Mercury Retrograde in Aries. Tomorrow, April 9, will be an inferior conjunction with the Sun. Mercury passes in front of the earth and the Sun.


The U.S. Government is preparing to shut down tonight at midnight because it can't agree on how to balance the budget.

Mercury rules the media so it's a good time to look at this video about how Google is shutting down the organic and independent version of the Internet in order to make us feel safe and to protect us from outside hackers.


Although this guy is no doubt a White Facist idiot, one must realize that the invading parties are basically the same. They just aren't white.

Larry Page has taken over as ruler at Google. I thought this was maybe a good thing because I saw a big bad t-square hitting Sergei Brin's chart a couple of years ago and saw that Google was going to the dogs. I thought he was the bad. But, maybe he was just being taken over by the bad. He was born in Russia so he has said he wants to fight the bad. Oops.

At any rate, Larry Page potentially has a natal t-square between Sun-Venus in Aries which is receiving a lot of energy from both the current Mercury transit and Uranus and Lilith and Mars. Page's Sun-Venus conjunction is opposed by Pluto and is possibly squared by Capricorn Moon. Don't have a birth time for him so don't know his natal Moon placement. With that placement, if he were a woman, he would be getting his first Breast Cancer diagnosis or something. Instead, he seems to be doing a NataliePortman/Black Swan thing.

Here's a great exercise to do in case you don't believe in this censorship stuff. "Google" the words "Crazy" and "Women" with various nationalities and races placed in between. (Put the whole thing in "quotes" to edit out weird sentences with those words.) Notice how many search results you get for your efforts and you will understand who is ruling Google. Try, for example, "Crazy East Indian Women." Hahaha.
Information No results found for "crazy east indian women"

East Indians are the most sexist folks alive and they've taken over the internet. You wanna live in India? I don't.

Oh yeah, and Mercury's connection with infectious diseases and public health. India has just created and is spreading a superbug around the globe because they overdid the antibiotic thing. We won't even go into how they managed to live in towns in the Silicon Valley with broken sewer systems for 5 years. I booked a hotel in the town of Milpitas right next to a sewer treatment planet. The smell is still bad. For years it was unbelievably bad. No one did anything about it. They just shrugged their shoulders and said that's the "Ranch Smell." So this hotel, run by East Indians, of course. They worked around the problem. They put the single women in the dungeon rooms. In this case, the dungeon rooms were at the ends of the halls. These rooms are noisy because next to the doors and the maids store room. But in this hotel, and I suppose others as well, the rooms on the ends have the worst drainage. After a half hour I was sweating profusely and was extremely nauseous. They let me move, I think to a room where one of the employees had taken a nap because the sheets were dirty. The whole time, that straight courteous East Indian grin. They never, ever would have thought to call the Health Department. A reporter for the San Jose Mercury News had just been maybe murdered so the paper stopped doing its usual incredible reporting. No mention at all about the stench in Milpitas. Anybody who mentions it is considered a bigot.

At any rate, the gang stalkers keep breaking in to my car. They've stolen all the software for my computer. Had to pick through a whole bag of stuff in a bag to take it. The car also has been knocked off its frame. Or there's a tracker installed on the axel, how would I know? And now when I get in it seems that someone keeps breaking in and dumping ammonia to the point where I can't drive. Oh, gang stalking had its greatest moments in communist countries. And I have no doubt that East Indians like it too. Can hardly wait for Cinco de Mayo. Did you hear about the paramedia baseball fan who was attacked at the stadium in Los Angeles after a game by a bunch of Mexicans who were yelling racist remarks at him? Of course you didn't. The media refuses to admit that the Mexicans were anything but drunks.


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