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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tennis Player Lobs Ball At Crying Baby

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer just made news at a tennis match. While getting ready to 'lob a serve', a baby in the stands was balling his head off.

Aries Sun Ferrer tossed the ball up in the air and slammed it right over at the baby. I don't know where the ball landed, I guess that both Father and Baby are okay.

Of course, not all Aries will do this kind of thing. So, I wanted to look at the astrology to see what special planetary situation would be responsible for sending a guy over the edge. This guy is Spanish after all. They don't think twice about crying babies. It's not like the guy is Protestant German or something.

So, what is the astrology for an extreme reaction while performing one's job at a sporting event no that most of us would ever have to go through this ourselves due to lack of talent, discipline, ambition, and luck?

David Ferrer
b. Apr. 2, 1982 Alicante, Spain

Sun 13 Aries; Moon Cancer/Leo NN 19 Cancer

As I said, Ferrer is a natal Aries. This is heightened by the fact that his natal Sun is opposing the ruler of Aries which is n. Mars Rx placed at 10 Libra. Granted Mars is not happily placed in Libra, That's where the U.S. Mars is stuck in Rx right now which sort of puts a kink in our ability to be industrious.

Currently, Ferrer is approaching his Solar Return so this is all triggered. Mars rules Triggers. Aries is just impatient. And bringing out more firey impatience is t. Jupiter which is conjunct natal Sun almost exactly within a degree.

The Aries stuff goes on and on and I don't think that most people could ever match a set-up like this in our own natal charts. This is an exceptional case, after all. Ferrer's progressed Mars has been in retrograde ever since he was born. Right now, by progression, it has moved back to 2 Libra which is close to the Aries Point. Thatsa an Aries situation. Act, don't think. And so Actions, not Thinking is what came out and has brought this guy some fame, such as it is. And this p.Mars is also triggered heavily by opposition from a big conjunction of transiting Mars 29 Pisces, Lilith-Uranus 1 Aries. Mar and Uranus together make accidents. Put Lilith in on top and things get really weird.

And natal Sun opposes natal Saturn 20 Libra RX. And it's the poor guy's Saturn Return. Saturn rules Fathers, and this guy maybe doesn't have the best instincts for being a Father himself. Saturn brings discipline and concentration, though, and maybe a little problem with intolerance. Saturn is Rx so perhaps he overcompensates for what he didn't receive? Who knows?

We're supposed to be presented by some sort of big decision at our lives with regards to whatever level of maturity we've reached. And, what a drag, to be under the influence of so much flash reasoning that Sun, Mars and Jupiter present.

I can't tell what Ferrer's feelings about the situation might be. His natal Moon is in either Cancer or Leo. I'll leave that part out. Would be sort of funny if he has Cancer Moon and was just competing with the baby.

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