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Monday, April 04, 2011

Neptune into Pisces - Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Neptune's rolled into Pisces. Someone on my Knitting Website is putting together a pattern for an M.C. Escher blanket that looks amazing. It's a quilt like thing where you knit a bunch of those tesselated fishes (they have bobble eyes -- coosh!) and sew them together in that M.C. Escher pattern. Wish I could do pictures.

So, I'll buy the pattern and hopefully make a couple of fishes and then probably get bored and use them for potholders. But, either way, awesome!

What's interesting is that just as the planet of altered states of awareness both good and bad comes into its own the Science community is finding that much, or at least some of the reason, for the bad versions of the altered Neptunian states is due to a Vitamin D deficiency. Doctors are beginning to find a connection between psychosis and low Vitamin D levels. Turns out that people who benefit from this research are immigrants from sunny Northern Countries who move to Northern Countries. Pretty amazing how that timing works out. Vitamin D is made in the body normally by just going out into the Sun.

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