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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nuclear Radiation

This is another one of my hair-brained connections, but while browsing through the current Newsweek article about the Nuclear Power planet disaster in Japan (Mar. 28/Apr. 4 issue) I noticed that the "shelf life" for 2 out of the 3 different types of radiation correspond to a Saturn Return. That is, they last for 29 years.

Strontium 90 can be inhaled or ingested through contaminated food or water. It is similar to calcium by chemical make-up so goes straight for the bones. Bones are ruled by Saturn! Exposure increases the risk of bone cancer and leukemia.

Cesium 137 is the dealiest radiation. It sticks to dust, can be inhaled or ingested, can even be picked up while walking on soil, (and lasts for 29 years!) Its gamma radiation penetrates into the body causing cancer everywhere.

The least toxic Radiation is from Iodine 129 & 131. This has a shelf life of only 8 days. It settles into the grass, is ingested by cows and ends up in concentrated form in milk. It goes into the thyroid gland and causes thyroid cancer. I forgot to look up thyroid gland, that's in the neck, isn't it? That would be Venus/Taurus rulership maybe. There's a Sun/Venus cycle which takes 8 years.

Would it be possible to try to "guess" who would be most affected by these different types of radiation by looking at placement of Saturn in their charts? Are people who are going through a difficult Saturn transit right now more vulnerable? I wouldn't have thought to look at Saturn for radiation poisoning so I'm only placing a guess right now.

Hydrogen, ruled by Neptune according to Bills, was the first thing that the nuclear reactors began to leak right after the tsunami (also ruled by Neptune).

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