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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caput Algol

The Fixed Stars are really difficult for me to grasp. And Caput Algol is one I don't really want to talk about because of its grotesqueness. But, there is definitely something wrong with my memory. The less I want to think about something, the more likely I am to obsess over it. It just pits itself in my memory. For example, the only joke I can remember is the one that I have no interest in telling to anyone because it doesn't follow my feelings for people of a certain group. I think I've told it to the friend I have who belongs to the group out of guilt. Either way, that friend no longer asks me if I know any good jokes.

There is one Fixed Star that seems to pan out every year like clockwork. It has done so I believe ever since I read about it on Bob Mark's forum. It's Caput Algol. There might be positive interpretations for this Fixed Star but the negative one is that it indicates beheading. It seems that every year when the Sun hits Caput Algol at around 24 Taurus there's a crazy story in the news about someone who beheads someone else in a fit of insanity. Last year Disney sort of saved the day I feel by releasing Alice in Wonderland. There was a great portrayal of the Queen of Hearts played by Helen Bonham-Carter (name correct?) screaming "Off With Her Head!" over and over again. I wrote about it on the blog, link below somewhere, and wish that every year TV shows would draw straws on who will somehow do an off with his/her head! story which airs around the middle of May in order to bring about the Catharsis which apparently is needed when the Sun passes this Star. http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2010/05/off-with-her-head.html. I'm sure that Lady Gaga could really do a great job with this one. Monster Ball was great but nobody's neck was put on line.

Anyhoo, it doesn't help that the Star sits in the sign of Taurus which rules necks.

This year there is a gruesome story. A retired English woman, Jennifer Mills-Wesley, was decapitated while shopping on an island off of Spain. Mills-Wesley had asked for help earlier in the day when she noticed that a 28 year old man was following her around but apparently nobody took it seriously. She was a Grandmother of five and from her photos looks like a very sweet person.

Don't know the victim's birth date. She was 60, just past Saturn Return, Or the murderer's. He was 28, prog.Lunar Return.

The incident occured May 13. 2011, Los Cristianos, Tenerife, around 10:20 am in a supermarket. (source: wikipedia)

Sun 23 Taurus; Moon 26 Virgo; ASC 8 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 24? Sagittarius

Caput Algol, or the Medusa's Head (Death by Decapitation) is at 24 Taurus. The Sun was at 23 Taurus on May 13.

Chart shows Moon c. IC within a Degree and Pluto c. DESC on same degree. So it looks like someone has a Mommy complex.

The top of the chart is loaded, mostly with planets, etc. in Aries which rules the head: Eris 1 Aries; Uranus 4 Aries, Lilith 6 Aries; Nessus 6 Aries; Jupiter 26 Aries; Mercury 27 Aries; Venus 27 Aries.

And then there's Mars, ruler of swords. He is within conjunction with these last planets but has moved in to the sign of Taurus, which rules the neck.

There's definitely an emphasis of planets around the degrees 23-26 of various signs. That probably is significant in a sabian symbol kind of way, but it does mean that Caput Algol was under a lot of tension.

I send my condolences to the family and friends of Jennifer Mills-Wesley for this tragic loss. I also send healing vibes to the family of the perpetrator who suffers severe illness.

Caput Algol, MEDUSA'S HEAD (DEATH BY DECAPITATION) 24 Taurus, this year May 15

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