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Monday, May 23, 2011

Schwarzenegger is Fruitful and Has Multiplied

Sorry, can't hate Schwarzenegger. Have to admit I'd be afraid to be in the same room with him. But, when I wrote to him about a concern I had about a certain something the situation was dealt with in an unbelievably heroic way. Don't know if I had anything to do with it, but it was amazing nonetheless.

While I was looking up his chart this morning in a coffee shop a woman was staring at the screen of my computer and bitching about what a lying son of a bitch he is. Meanwhile she was staring at the screen of my computer totally unaware of what a fucking nosey bitch she was. So, there you are. We're all nuts.

So Schwarzenegger has revealed that he fathered a son with the housekeeper the same week that he fathered a son with his wife, Maria. The housekeeper worked for the family for 20 years. She has recently stopped working for them but meanwhile is said to have kept her little secret from Maria the whole time. Nice gal, not.

So, man, I feel so bad for Maria right now. First I had to look at her chart to see what the hell her 6th House looks like. That's the house of hired help. She's got a big one so that means that planets spend more time in that house (and in the opposite 12th house of hidden enemies if you know what I mean). It's why she's so much into service. Maria's a Scorpio so she's probably pretty strong. She's also a Leo Moon so she's going to handle this with outward dignity and like a lady. Her Sun squares her Moon so she might hold a lot of tension inside which was picked up from childhood observations of her parents. She probably never expected to have a happy marriage in the first place. But, as I said, she's a vengeful Scorpio, and Arnold's got a Capricorn Moon and with that Moon sign all sins converge back into a big pooper scooper on his head if you know what I mean. Virgo likes to find faults, Scorpio likes to get even with faults, Capricorn just likes to punish you for having faults.

Maria Shriver Kennedy probably not Schwarzenegger anymore
b. Nov. 6, 1955 5:12 pm Chicago, IL

Sun 14 Scorpio; Moon 15 Leo; ASC 27 Taurus; NN 18 Sagittarius

Maria's got a fixed chart except for the Sadge North Node which likes its freedom. The good part about having an a-hole for a husband is that it leaves you lots of time to do whatever you want.

On to the hired help. Maria's 6th House is loaded. She has Libra on the Cusp so her maid tends to be envious of her. And vain about things. I read that the bitch used to screw her husband and then put on her gowns and jewelry and parade around the room in them. She would have done that either way, husband in bed or not. Inside the H6: Mars 16 Libra, Mercury 28 Libra; Neptune 29 Libra; Sun 14 Scorpio; Saturn 23 Scorpio. So, in addition to being envious of Maria, her maid was also polite and well-mannered, and jealous and vindictive and secretive and aggressive and vain and sexual.

And then there's Maria's 7th House with Venus in Scorpio plopped right on the Descendent. I'm not going into what that could mean except that it shows a lot of staying power in the areas of marriage.

And then I wanted to look at Schwarzenegger's chart to see what he was going through 9 months before his two sons were born to see what can set off such a firestorm. I mean, what the hell was going on? Jane Seymour has been talking to the press and has said that she has a know it all friend who says that Schwarzenegger has 2 other kids somewhere as well. So, he sort of frequently makes this mistake. He's his own little third world country.

As a sort of an aside, the news sure is full of Capricorn Moon men who are having affairs and messing up their marriages. For a while it was the Gemini Sun Men, now it seems to be the Capricorn Moons. First there was David Letterman, then there was Al Gore, now there's Arnold Schwarzenegger, oh yeah, and Gavin Newsome (sp?).

Arnold Schwarzenegger
b. July 30, 1947 Thal, Austria 4:10 am

Sun 7 Leo; Moon 4 Capricorn; ASC 20 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 1 Gemini

So I suppose there is interesting stuff in here exposing how a 25 year marriage goes. I can't sit still for long enough to look it up. I have no patience for the institution of marriage. They have Nodal Axis on same pole in reverse. Gemini/Sagittarius are sort of known for duplicity, but maybe they also had great conversation. Maybe the situation would be easier if both charts weren't so otherwise Fixed and Cardinal, works b. His Sun/Her Moon/his Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his 2nd house. Money, Values, Loss of and through, etc.

So, back in January 1997 when the Terminator was gallivanting. Yes, take me back. It was just after the Holidays. That's stressful and lonely for everyone involved. Oh, no, Terminator's on his Chiron Return. Dude's turning 50. And guess what? Chiron's at 4 Scorpio conjunct his 5th House cusp of children. That's it. That's all we need to know. Screw up, so to speak. There were lots of Total Eclipses within a year. 3 Lunar, 2 Solar. Heightened emotions. The 2 boys were Libras born within a week of each other in 1997. You want to look at a person's Moon to see how fertile he is. Or, basically, whether he will tolerate a condom. So it's good to check the Eclipses. I mean, looking at Arnold's chart I'd have to say that he wasn't into that kind of restriction.

In January 1997 there was an opposition of Mars 4 Libra opposing Saturn 3 Aries layered right over the Nodal Axis at 3 Libra-Aries. This was in Schwarzenegger's 4th House, ruled by the Moon.

There were 5 planets in Capricorn which were hanging out over his Descendant so he would have partnered with pretty much anything (in his own way). That would have set off both his natal Moon 4 Capricorn (H6) and his Descendant. And there was a conjunction of Mercury-Venus at the beginning of Capricorn which mirrors his natal 1st house conjunction of those planets in Cancer (ruled by Moon).


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