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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Comb-Over?

Well, yesterday I was trying to post a really fun article on astrological reasons why Donald Trump suddenly splained his outrageous comb-over (shock, surprise, Uranus/Leo/Mars) and I go into Blogger to write it but Blogger isn't there.

(((((((( )))))))))

Nobody's home.

Blogger's not really saying why and what happened except that there was a blip in some maintenance procedures. Moon in Virgo.

These blips used to be considered business as normal, a reason to take a break and do nothing for a while, but now there are articles about how Blogging wrecks businesses because the Internet cloud is so unreliable. Neptune in Pisces.

I think that article was written by a snitty Pluto in Libra person. It's the kind of mentality that only someone who makes over $100,000 a year straight out of college can have.

I'm not sure exactly when the problem began. The Huffington Post gives a time of 7:37 am PDT Wednesday May 11, 2011.

Sun 21 Taurus (H12); Moon 1 Virgo (H4); ASC 17 Gemini; MC 24 Aquarius; NN 24 Sagittarius

This shows the effect of what can happen when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction on the same degree with each other in Aries. In this particular chart they rule the Asc and Desc together through Mercury and Jupiter. The conjunction is up in the 11th House of Technology with Eris (chaos), Lilith (homewrecker), and Uranus (shock, surprise, circulatory systems, electrical). Monkey business. Maybe a student did something wrong. Or maybe there was a communication problem. In connection with Venus I think somebody was just getting lazy or lax or aggressive or, as I said, it's that snitty, sneering thing that just gets upset over stupid things. Or, shudder, maybe a female screwed up.

There's another significant opposition. The Moon 1 Virgo is definitely a signature for maintenance. The Moon is opposite Neptune 1 Pisces up in the 10th House of Authority, Business, Career. Talk about a "balancing act" related to "cloud computing."

The Sun is unaspected in this chart so it doesn't flow with the rest of the chart. It does, however, repeat the theme of "clouds" because it is placed in the 12th House in Taurus. Confusion, Self-Undoing, Deception. Since Pluto and the North Node are also placed on an angle (like Moon, Neptune, Chiron) there could have been sabotage.

Or there could have been sex. Or somebody could have been sneezing from pollen.

Wow, well, like I said, Donald Trump's hair comment has an easy answer. This chart doesn't. Trump has Leo Rising which shows that he has big hair. Sometimes Leo can lose its hair. But in Trump's case that's not the case. He has lots of hair and he must have dandruff because he uses Head n Shoulders every day. It takes an hour to dry.

Trump's SA Sun-Uranus-NN conjunction have hit his first house Mars in Leo. So it gets really weird. What other man on earth with a significant head of hair and zillions of dollars to have it styled would choose to comb it back as if he were bald? I think he does dye it, doesn't he?

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