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Saturday, October 13, 2012

SuperSonic Jump

Sorry, I guess I don't have paragraph breaks anymore. Google has sent some weird messages saying they will fix whatever is wrong with my account. Hahah. They should check the ethics of their employees maybe. Looked at the chart for Felix Baumgartner who is an Austrian born daredevil who plans to jump out of a balloon at a record amount of feet, I'm not looking it up, setting a record for falling to the earth at SuperSonic speeds. I wish him luck. He's a Taurus with Gemini Moon and a Pisces North Node. I suppose that Pisces enjoys a nice fall from outer space. His progressed Sun is now in Gemini possibly in conjunction with his Gemini Moon but I don't have his birth time so don't really know where his Moon is. Prog. Sun conjunct natal moon is going to indicate a major event. In this case it's in Gemini. For Daredevils one wants to check to see what Mars is doing because Mars is most likely to take a big leap. Mars here is at 17 Sagittarius. He's also got Venus at 13 Aries Rx. Aries is ruled by Mars so Venus disposits to mars. His Taurus sun disposits to Venus. Hope he's not doing this to attract the attention of some female. Anyway, he's not an impulsive type of guy really. Or at least he's good at planning. His natal Sun is at 1 conjunct Saturn 29 Aries. He's also got a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on his South Node in Virgo. Jupiter and Pluto likes excitement. Virgo can think through the details. What really stands out to me are the amount of planets which have changed direction by progression in his chart. I've never seen so many. That's Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. He was born while his Pisces South Node was moving direct, which is also rare because the Nodal Axis generally moves backward through the signs. Probably at least a million people would have been born with these same progressions, they are all 43 years old right now like mr. Baumgartner.


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