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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shootings and Progressed Mars in United States Chart

That last Eclipse on June 4 was supposed to portend some pretty violent stuff.  And seems things are unfolding that way.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

June 4, 2012  7:12 am  Washington, DC
Sun 15 Gemini (H12);  Moon 15 Sagittarius (H6);  ASC 9 Cancer;  MC 17 Pisces;  NN 5 Sagittarius Rx (H6)

The Sun-Moon Full Moon opposition is spanning the 6th-12th Houses and is squared by Mars 17 Virgo-IC 17 Virgo.  So it's squaring the IC/MC axis.  That's violent.  Keepin Homeland Security busy I guess.

This Eclipse is on the United States ASC/DESC Axis, or close to it by a few degrees if you use either the Sadge Rising or Gemini Rising.  I use the Sibley Chart which I forgot the exact time of.

This Lunar Eclipse features Moon in Gemini in the 6th House.  Moon rules the chart so things can get a little zany. 

The United States Sun at 14 Cancer is in conjunction with the Eclipse Ascendant.

There was a big shooting in Colorado by a guy whose chart looks like a Schizophrenic trapped in a Bipolar suit.  Or, he should have gone into film making and nobody would have thought anything was wrong with him.

Everyone's already written about that.

This morning a tall man shot at a meeting of Sikh's and killed many people.  Can't remember how many.  Homeland is calling this an act of terrorism because the guy has a tattoo of 9/11 on his arm or something.  Homeland Security's idea of what is and isn't terrorism is one of the great mysteries of my life at this point.  I haven't shit in a bunch of months because Mexicans, East Indians and Asian gangs have been pumping pesticides and cleaning chemicals into the vents of my car since last November and I'm having serious health problems.  And all the doctors say is that I need to go to the shrink. 

Don't have much time right now.  My entire computer is hacked and I'm on a library computer.  But just want to point out a Mars Progression right now.  Mars is the trigger happy one, isn't he?

Progressed Mars is at 19 Libra Rx in the United States chart.  It is almost exactly conjunct Progressed Moon at 18 Libra and progressed Lilith 16 Libra.  Lilith is there, of course, she's always there, but Moon-Mars conjunctions can be volatile.

This is set off by the Moon-Mars square of the June 4 Lunar Eclipse.

And, it's also being triggered by transiting Mars which is exactly conjunct p. Mars.  And these two are in trine to natal U.S. Mars at 22 Gemini.

So, that's lots of Mars and Moon stuff.

Shooting of Sikhs at their place of worship

August. 5, 2012  10:25 am  Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Sun 14 Leo (H11);  Moon 28 Pisces (H6);  ASC 7 Libra;  MC 8 Cancer;  NN 2 Sagittarius Rx

House 1 has a conjunction of Mars 19 Libra c. Saturn 25 Libra which squares Venus 29 Gemini.  Venus is chart ruler and is in the house of religion (H9).

The Colorado Shooting occured right after a New Moon.

This shooting occurs right after the following Full Moon.

The Uranus-Pluto square is very closely connected with the IC and DESC in today's chart. 


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