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Monday, August 06, 2012

Getting Started With Bunny Berigan

Cardinal Signs are the ignition points of the horoscope wheel.  They represent the Solstice and Equinox Points which show beginnings of the Seasons on planet earth.Cardinal Signs represent beginnings and starting points.

So this reminded me of one of my favorite songs.

I Can't Get Started.

Trumpet and Vocals are by Bunny Berigan.

I sort of wondered if Bunny had Cardinal Sign issues in his chart.  He did.  He had a Cardinal t-square with apex Mars 15 Libra squaring Uranus 14 Capricorn opposing Neptune 18 Cancer Rx.  He was also born with Libra Rising which is a Cardinal Sign.

Bunny Berigan
b. Nov. 2, 1908  5:30 am (Astrotheme)

Sun 10 Scorpio;  Moon 22 Aquarius;   ASC 28 Libra;  MC 4 Leo;  NN 28 Gemini

Berigan had that big natal a Cardinal Sign t-square in his natal chart.  And he lived through the Great Depression which was the last time that Saturn-Uranus and Pluto were in a big Cardinal Sign t-square configuration with each other.

And in 1937 when Berigan performed "I Can't Get Started" there was a Jupiter-Pluto opposition over his natal Uranus-Neptune.

Berrigan was a Scorpio Sun with Libra Rising.  I think it's interesting to notice that Mars, the Great Ignition of the Zodiac was in Retrograde for half of 1937 between Libra and Scorpio which means that Mars spent half that year pretty much standing over his Ascendant between his natal Mars in Libra (H12), his Ascendant-Mercury Retrograde conjunction and his 1st House Sun.  That's a lot of fire on the starting point of one's chart.

So, if you are currently spinning your wheels in a ditch somewhere because the Cardinal Sign stuff is just too overwhelming, it just means that it's time to do a little dance.

Berigan died in 1942 at age 33.  The Doctor told him that he would die if he didn't stop drinking and didn't stop playing trumpet.  He said he could do neither. One can see the stubbornness of a Fixed Sun and Moon here.  Age 33 is the year that one's Solar Return Chart puts one's planets pretty much back in the houses where they were when one was born. 

Oh yeah, and I can't talk about a musician without discussing Venus.  Venus in this chart is conjunct Lilith at the end of Virgo (H11).  It opposes Saturn in Aries (fall) and squares Pluto-NN at end of Gemini.  That can also sort of explain the tragic short life.

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