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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Battleground States

With the upcoming election we have president Obama, a Leo, defending his post against Mitt Romney, a Pisces. They have an interesting connection between their charts and each others Angles, but I forgot what it was. Just looked up what signs the battleground states are. Curious minds want to know, I'm sure. According to a new York times map some states are leaning towards one or the other, but some states just really haven't made a commitment. There are nine of these and it turns out that water signs predominate. Out of the nine states, 6 are water sun signs. Water signs, so sensitive, so demanding in a passive aggressive kind of way. 2 cancers: new Hampshire and Virginia 2 scorpios: north Carolina and Nevada 2 Pisces: Florida and Ohio Colorado is a Leo. That's fire. Wisconsin is a Gemini. That's air. Iowa is a Capricorn. That's earth. Interesting that the government CIA centers Langley Virginia and denver Colorado are in this crowd.


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