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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who Makes Bad Decisions During A Witch Hunt?

The judges of the Salem With Trials.

Based on fits which were had by young girls.  Can't find their birthdates except for the the cancer suns, both on the accusers side and the accused side.  That figures.

Background planets.  Pluto was in cancer.  Neptune was in Pisces.  Uranus was in Gemini.  Saturn was in Sagittarius.  Jupiter in Taurus-Gemini.

The judges.

Chief magistrate lt. Gov. William stroughton.
B. sept. 30, 1631, England.

Sun in libra, moon in Sagittarius.  Mercury 27 libra.  Saturn in Scorpio.
Libra rules the judicial system and here's proof that justice is blind

Jonathan corwin.
B. nov. 14, 1640, salem, mass

Sun in Scorpio, moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius.  Mercury 21 Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius?

Scorpios are so psychic.  They know things, not.

Bartholomew gedney.
Born June 14, 1640, salem , mass

A curious Gemini sun.  Moon in Aries or Taurus.  Mercury 5 Gemini,  Saturn 1 Pisces, r

John Hawthorne.
Born August 5 1641. Salem

Sun in Leo.  Moon in cancer or Leo.  Mercury 8 Virgo.  Saturn 12 Pisces.

John Richards.
Born aug.4? 1644. Salem, mass

Sun in Leo.

Nathaniel saltonstall
Born ip switch, mass 1639

No date.  Harvard educated.

Peter sergeant,
No date

Samuel Sewell,
Born mar. 28, 1652. Bishops toke, England

Sun in Aries. Moon in Scorpio. Mercury Pisces. Saturn in cancer. First on call was the minister. Rev. Samuel parris. No birth date b. 1653 London, England. He apologized afterward. Religious leaders get to apologize at least. The rev. Called in the doctor. There was a conjunction of mars Rx 13 Gemini to Uranus Rx 3 Gemini squaring Neptune 16 Pisces on the day the first girl had her fit. An MRI scan would have greatly helped. But instead the view got foggy the way it always does when Neptune is in Pisces. Right? We all know that, don't we? The doctors name was William Griggs. He labelled the victims as witches. We can now label him as a mother fucker. Unfortunately. History repeats itself because there's a mother fucker born every minute.


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