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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Speak of the Devil


Like Alec Baldwin, Edward snowden has an opposition of mercury to Jupiter.  It is opposed a conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius which is very strongly placed over the ascendant -descendant of his chart.  Mercury rules the gemini rising and is inconjunction with it.  communication is important.  Jupiter rules opinions and expands everything it touches.  Both planets, along with Uranus (wake up America!) rule the intellect. 

Such a quiet guy has such an important voice.  Most of the planets in Snowden's chart are under the horizon line showing that he has introvert tendencies.

So now I've compared parts of his chart with Lauren Bacall and Alec Baldwin.

Oh yeah.  Jupiter and Uranus both rule airports.  Jupiter rules long distance travel and Uranus rules ai and airports.


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