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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alec Baldwins Big Fat Mouth

Of all the celebrities who are screwing up their careers by making racist comments you'd think Alec Baldwin would have been forced to sweep up paper wrappers from the floors of McDonald's restaurants out in Kansas by now.  But the more poo that spews from Baldwins mouth the more he seems to be permanently forgivable.

Bald wins chart is really interesting to look at in this regard.  I'm not writing any of it down right right now because I'm sitting in a star ucks listening to thT music they continue to play even though everyone else has forgotten a out Kenny g.  Here's astrotheme s chart.  I just realized they use pretty wide orbs.  http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Alec_Baldwin

Baldwins an Aries.  often they just grab whAtever they want then they think about how they shouldn't have done that a little while later, or a lot later, or someone else reminds them later.  In Baldwins case he was born on a full moon.  So he's wolfman.  In aries case that means he's got a libra moon so somewhere in there he's always aware of how the other guy is feeling. Fuck blogger doesn't work.

But, I don't think I've ever seen a chart with so many major configurations between planets.  Everything is hooked into every thing else and makes a picture.   There is a grande trine, 2 mystic rectangles, a house, a mouse.  Leonardo da Vinci face.  You name it.  Even Saturn is in a bunch of trines.

 Whats interesting is to first of all look at the way that every innie is in an opposition to an outie.  This means that Baldwin is hooking in to his generation, in an oppositional way, but he is hooking in.  Venus (women, love, money) is opposing Pluto (sex, death, taxes). Mars (men, impulse) is opposing Uranus (shock, surprise, groups).

 Mars rules the upper lip.

 Venus rules the lower lip.

 And mercury rules what comes out from between.

 Mercury here is in the sign of Taurus (bull) opposing Neptune in Scorpio (shit).  And it's also opposing Jupiter (opinion).  This opposition is layered over baldwin's nodal axis so he's simply following his life path in letting her rip. Jupiter and Neptune both rule large animals.  That why bald wins mouth work on such large scale.

Plus, all this means he's super charming.  People are afraid of the bees but we're all very attracted to their honey.


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