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Monday, June 24, 2013

Give Me Patrick Henry. Or, Give Me Edward Snowden

Don't know why, but I keep picking up Patrick Henry energy whenever I see Edward Snowden's picture in the news. Don't know why. Well, I knew that both are Gemini's. That's a start, at any rate. I guess I really like that phrase "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death."

  Here's the full speech.

 Am pretty amazed by the chart comparisons. These two men share so many similarities in their birth charts.

  Patrick Henry b. May 29, 1736 6:39 pm Hanover, VA Sun 9 Gemini; Moon 11 Aquarius; ASC 3 Sagittarius; NN 4 Libra; MC 17 Virgo 

Edward Snowden b. June 21, 1983 Elizabeth, North Carolina, No Time Sun 30 Gemini; Moon Scorpio; NN 25 Gemini 

When I'm looking for guys who are ape face about Human Liberties and Freedoms and the politics of their countries I'm going to gravitate towards the energies of Jupiter and Uranus. But it looks like Pluto and Neptune also have something to do with a revolutionary bent. And maybe also a stellium in Gemini because both these guys have that.

 This is pretty amazing. Both men have stellia in Gemini around their Gemini Suns. So, communication is central to their personal expression. They will be a sort of jack of all trades. I don't think I could win a game of poker with either one. Henry had Saturn 3 Gemini, Sun 9 Gemini, Mercury 20 Gemini, Neptune 26 Gemini. Snowden has Chiron 1 Gemini, Mercury 11 Gemini, NN 25 Gemini Rx, Mars 25 Gemini, Sun 30 Gemini. Being on the last degree of Gemini puts Snowden's Sun within range of the Aries Point at Cancer which brings him before the public in some way. Cancer is connected with patriotism. His progressed Sun has spent his entire life so far passing through this sign and is about to move into Leo. Pluto is the planet of extremism and it's in the sign of Libra which rules Scales of Justice, Harmony, seeking balance, diplomacy. Henry's extreme statement of give me Liberty or give me Death certainly fits the combination of Pluto and Libra working together. Pluto is also the planet of espionage, with Neptune. Edward Snowden has made his statement about not wanting to live in a country where the extreme level of spying goes on in the NSA where he worked. He has said that he doesn't want to live in a country where this goes on. Snowden's Scorpio Moon and Saturn-Pluto conjunction show his wisdom in this regard and strength to stand alone to speak out. Like Bradley Manning Snowden is whistle-blowing. Manning is a Sagittarius, by the way. Should look up his chart. He is currently in trial for downloading secret documents. Patrick Henry was a lawyer. So, don't worry, Jupiterians and Uranians. These guys can't do this stuff without you. Both men have Jupiter and Uranus in strong aspect with each other. Both have Uranus in Sagittarius which is Jupiter's sign. And their Uranus' are in strong contact with Jupiter. Henry had a mutual reception between the two planets. And Snowden has a conjunction of them in Sagittarius. Snowden also has Neptune in Sagittarius at 28 degrees. This opposes Henry's Neptune which is at 26 Gemini and opposes Henry's Uranus in Sagittarius. Without a birth time I can't say, but there is a chance that Snowden's progressed Moon is currently in Sagittarius somewhere in contact with one of these planets. That's good because he is currently trying to "relocate" overseas to try to not be arrested by the U.S. Government. These are slow moving planets which express a generation of people. In this case, revolutionaries who speak out (GEmini) and rebel (Uranus) when things are quite right. The personal planets in their charts will show how they will do this as individuals. Snowden has Mars in Gemini opposing Neptune set over his North node. He was able to gain employment with the NSA based on his talent for spying probably more than on his education. Perhaps the NSA thought he would be more vulnerable to not rebel by not having an Ivy League education. Other similarities between these charts. Both men have Moon in Fixed Signs (Stubbornness, Stability). North Nodes are in Air Signs (Intellect). Both men have planets arranged in Locomotive chart shapes. I don't know what that means. Bob Marks has written great descriptions on his website. Pluto leads in Henry's chart. Mercury leads in Snowden's chart.

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