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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 4th Baby: Little Flash Gordon

A baby was born as the result of a lightening strike.  I don't have the time of the strike nor the time of birth, but both of this little girls parents were hit by a bolt of lightning while watching fireworks.  The story doesn't get more Uranian than that.  Uranus rules lightning strikes and fireworks.  This was the birthdate for the United States.  The US is a cancer sun by has an Aquarius Moon so I suppose this little girl will be wearing a lot of red, white and blue during her life.  Her name is Kimberly Samantha. rose Gordon.  The Gordon refers to Flash Gordon.  This sure beats the story the rest of us have about being found in a cabbage patch.

Samantha's parents were trying to go inside when both were struck and Samantha was born as a result of a Caesarian section.  Had to look at what Uranus was up to.  Turns out his sign Aquarius was possibly rising if the lightning struck about 9:30 to 11:30.  I'm doing an estimate on the time.  Ruler Uranus was at 13 Aries and was apex of a tsquare to a sun-Pluto opposition from cancer to Capricorn.    These two signs rule the parents. Traditionally cancer rules mommy and Capricorn rules daddy.  Mom's eardrum was blown out and both parents were in a daze.  One of the articles said that they will have muscle twitches for months.  Uranus disposits to mars and mars is unaspected in Gemini.   Mars rules muscles and Gemini rules nervous system.

Jupiter is the roman equivalent of Zeus, the ancient ruler of the reek pantheon of gods.  Zeus used thunderbolts to get his point across.  Jupiter was conjunct to the degree with Lilith at 3 cancer. Cancer rules childbirth.  Lilith just like "to make an entrance" wherever she goes.  That's what Samantha did. Her mom says she hopes her daughter will either be able to run fast or to rule the world. Well, Zeus rules the world and Lilith doesn't mind putting in her 2 cents about how things ought to be done.  Also, one of my best friends growing up was a cancer with Gemini moon and she really did run fast.  She would chase all the boys around the playground and she could outrun all of them, so watch out mom.

Would be interesting to see where Pallas is in this chart. Right now I'm limited on iPad.  Pallas athene was born of a lightening flash from Zeus' head.  She went on to rule the idea of divine wisdom and as such is the source of many of the advancements in western civilization.
Welcome to the World Samantha Flash Gordon.  You a


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