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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturn-Neptune Square 11/26/15-9/10/16

Richard Nolle has provided a list of all major outer planets aspects through history.  The Saturn-Neptune square that's coming up in 2015 is listed here:


Looked at the list to see the last time that Saturn in Sagittarius squared Neptune in Pisces.  This occurred about 320 years ago in 1693.  There were 3 passes of exact square from 1/1/1693 to 10/23/1693.  I looked up events relating to this year to see any themes of Saturn working in Sagittarius and Neptune working in Pisces.  The year seems a bit eventless but apparently this was the beginning of the Crimean War.  As befits Sagittarius independent publishing and women's rights are represented as the first women's magazine was published this year. I didn't write down the title. Of importance also in a Sagittarius theme, John Locke published a major work on education of children. I didn't write down the title. But he recommended that children be raised rationally rather than scaring them with ghost stories.  Sounds like Neptune working to free the children from fears.  Also this year, which I think is very representative of both Sagittarius and Pisces, champagne was invented. Drinking is part of the repertoire, might as well make some good stuff.  Of concern, also, there was a revolution based on food shortages.  Of big importance also was that mount Esuvius erupted.  Sicily had a major earthquake. This occurred in January right after the first exact square aspect.

Neptune was again in Pisces in the mid 80s but didn't square Saturn in Sagittarius. There was a square to Saturn in Gemini which was very exciting. Nortthern california had a bunch of earthquakes (http://www.sfmuseum.org/alm/quakes1.html). Japan had a major earthquake as well. Literature received some major advances as major works of literature were published in the U.S. Both walden and Leaves of grass were published.  Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech.  The daily telegraph newspaper began publishing.  Interesting that a clock and watch company started during this transit. Saturn was maybe also receiving a big transit from Pluto.  On the Neptune side, a cholera epidemic killed 10,000 in London. The contamination was traced to a single
water pump.  Neptune rules hospitals so it's interesting that Mount Sinai hospital in New York opened during this transit.  The United States were expanding rapidly, for the white people at any rate. Probably Few states joined the union during this time.


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