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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Actresses Murdered By Government Spooks?

Here's more conspiracy theory stuff.  Well, some of it isn't theory, it's real.  Two actresses who died young and who may have been in part murdered by government creepiness.  Both actresses were Scorpios with Sun in major aspect to Uranus.  They got burned for having penetrating insights (Scorpio) and for rebelling against the norm (Uranus). The FBI did acknowledge that it publicized lies about Seberg in the press.

Jean Seberg
b. Nov. 13, 1938 Unknown time, Marshalltown, IO

Sun 21 Scorpio;  Moon Cancer or Leo;   NN 10 Scorpio;

Mercury 10 Sagittarius (outspoken)

Sun-NN opposing Uranus

Movie:  Movie Star:  The Secret Lives of Jean Seburg

Brittany Murphy
b. Nov. 10, 1977  12:18 AM  Atlanta, GA (astrotheme)

Sun 18 Scorpio;  Moon 3 Scorpio;  ASC 22 Leo; MC 17 Taurus; Libra NN

Mercury 1 Sagittarius (outspoken)

Sun conjunct Uranus 13 Scorpio

Movie:  The Terror Within by Julia Davis

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