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Friday, November 08, 2013

Gang of Eight

Quickie look at the Sun Signs of the members of the Gang of Eight who are under pressure to fix illegal immigration.  We've got 2 Scorpio suns who have a Mercury Rx affecting their vitality and ability to lead.  These are republicans john Boehner and Saxby Chambliss.  Another fixed sign is C.A. Dutch ruppersberger.  From California we've got Senator Dianne Feinstein who is a Cancer and Nancy Pelosi who is an Aries.  They are the groups cardinal signs.  Harry Reid is a Sagittarius and Mitch McConnell is a Pisces and mike Rogers is a Gemini.  These are the mutable signs.

The signs not represented are interesting.  Leadership signs Leo and Capricorn aren't interested in bullying anyone.  Weird.  The innocent bystander signs, Virgo and libra are also not represented.  Also there are no Tauruses.  My gang stalking is getting really intense.  Had a lawyer admit to the stalking.  Politics really sucks.  Oh, and the guys who I think are running my gang stalking are a Taurus and a Leo.


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