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Saturday, August 12, 2006



www.astro.com Generate Your Own Chart, Ephemeris, etc. / Liz Greene
www.astrotheme.com French, Great Resource for Celebrity's charts
www.astrodatabank.com Great Discussion Site and Resources for Celebrity Charts
www.bobmarksastrologer.com Astrology Lessons and Articles / Bob Marks
www.skyscript.com Amazing Articles and Horary Tutorial / Deb Houlding
www.noendpress.com/pvachier/arabicparts/index.php / Arabic Parts Calculator
www.noendpress.com/pvachier/midpoints/index.php / Midpoints Calculator
http://www.artofwebdesign.net/astrology/eclipseoccultation.php?insyear=2007&ineyear=&insort=revodate&se=y≤=y/ Eclipse Calculator
http://www.astrologycom.com/fixedstars.html / A list of Important Fixed Stars
www.world-of-wisdom.com Great Articles / Adrian Duncan Ross
http://www.azastrologers.org/articles.htm / Brilliant Articles / Various astrologers from the Arizona Society of Astrologers

Sources for Astrology Blogs:
Elsa Elsa's Top Ten: http://www.toptensources.com/topten/Astrology-News/
Astrology Blogger: http://astrologyblogger.com/

Books and Tapes: (just a few suggestions)

Donna Cunningham: "How to Read Your Astrological Chart"
Steven Forrest: "The Inner Sky"
Rob Hand: "Horoscope Symbols"
Karen Hamaker Zondag: "The Yod Book"
Komilla Sutton: "The Lunar Nodes, Redemption and Crisis"
Adrian Duncan Ross: "Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment"
Erin Sullivan: "Retrograde Planets"
Arielle Guttman: Astrolocality lessons on tape, please contact her through her website www.sophia.com for more information

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