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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Big C and Julia Sweeney

Well, it's a Mercury Retrograde. As I went to post yesterday's blog the Internet Connection gave out. 2:13 pm. Will have to check to see where the hell the Moon was at that point.

It was kind of a rambling post anyway. This one will be too. I suppose if I ever learn to add images somebody someday will come across this blog and try to read my bad astrology and typos. Until then I have complete privacy. Yoo hoo! I would never expose myself if I thought anyone were looking anyway.

OK, get on with it.

A few months ago, while I was driving, I heard an NPR show that had compiled a series of sets that Julia Sweeney performed on stage in Los Angeles while her brother was suffering from Cancer. He was living with her with their parents in her tiny bungalow. Having been in similar situations I can tell you it is a grim environment. Her brother eventually succumbed. That's horrifying enough but two weeks before he died, Julia Sweeney was also diagnosed with Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and went through treatments herself which she has survived. The whole time, or most of the time, she continued to get up on stage and sort of riff about the antics that her family and the doctors and the diseases were doing. It was one of the funniest and most healing talks I've ever listened to. I literally had to pull over and stop the car. She later performed this as a show called "God Said 'Ha!'" from which she has cut a CD which I still haven't listened to. Quentin Tarantino also directed a DVD of the show. If you are dealing with Cancer, or know anyone who is, and for some reason you've found this blog (snowball in hell) you need to see this show.

Since I don't have Julia's (first name?) birth time I don't know her Moon and Rising Sign so it's totally ridiculous that I'm trying to read her chart from a Health perspective. Or any perspective. Also, I don't even know exactly what year(s) she and her brother were sick. I've only read that she was on Saturday Night Live until 1994 and her brother fell ill shortly after she moved back to California. I'm reading the outer transits and progressions to her birthchart only for around 1995. I don't ever expect to have more information on her so I figured I would go ahead with it. Plus, I went back to google her name on November 2 and it turns out she writes a blog and November 2 is her daughter's birthday. It's also the time when the Sun hits her Neptune every year. Plus, her career in show business really took off when her Progressed Sun hit her Neptune. So, she's extra magnetic right now.

Here's what I've found:

Max Heindel's paper on Medical Astrology (which is available on the Internet, had the URL yesterday) claims that the Moon, Pluto, and Mars in Scorpio rule Cervical Cancer. Julia Sweeney's Moon is either in Libra or Scorpio. If it's in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto, then right there she's got one mark showing a propensity for Ovarian Cancer. Aside from that she's already got 3 planets in Scorpio (Pluto again). These planets are Mars, Mercury, Neptune. Mars in Scorpio! These planets are aspecting her natal Chiron (wounding, teacher, healer)-Pluto(healer, cancer) opposition. Pluto is out of orb to be conjunct her North Node, but Chiron is still within range of being in conjunction with her South Node. Past Life/subconscious issues related to health and healing. Her North Node is in Leo conjunct Uranus (which rules the South Node). This definitely shows a talent for showbusiness and comedy, especially if in aspect to the Moon, Mercury and Mars. It also shows how she is managing to incorporate exceptional life experiences into her Routine and healing others with it. Her most recent work has been about adopting her daughter and about searching for God (and NOT finding him).

In 1994, Saturn was opposite her natal Pluto which aspects her Scorpio transits. This can show a crisis period in a person's life. It would be interesting to look at her 3d house of siblings to see how that was aspected in regards to her brother. Without that, there are already indicators of difficulties through siblings because Mercury (ruled of sibling relationships) is in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Mars. And the Moon rules family.

At that time, Neptune and Uranus were passing over her natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which trines Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo needs to serve those she loves. Neptune and Uranus passing over indicate that she was able to entertain them as well. Jupiter and Saturn are the brightest planets in the sky, well, Venus is bright too, but Jupiter and Saturn are considered the brightest. Together they are considered the star that the Wise Men followed to find Jesus in the Manger. They are conjunct every 20 years and are associated with Political and Governmental changes that bring the Government closer to the people (same years as Tecumseh's curse which is said to knock off U.S. Presidents). They are a tense energy together, expansive and restrictive, becomes like walking a tight rope. Together they are forced to seek a middle ground. This level headedness is what makes Sweeney's humor so funny, though. The main function of a Libra Sun, is to seek Balance. Sweeney's Sun is squaring this conjunction so this is something she is challenged to do in her life. Sun is also a health indicator because it represents a person's vitality. Caught in this aspect, her challenges were exceptional.

Read the Book, listen to the CD, watch the Video. "God Said 'Ha'" Best book for dealing with Disease along with Norman Cousin's "Anatomy of an Illness."


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