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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bump and Grind - Ashlee Simpson's Nose

Scorpio and Pluto rule both Surgery and the Nose. If you're looking for a good date for a bob maybe you should consider the influence of Pluto to your chart.

At some point around April or May this year Ashlee Simpson got the best nose job ever, so, I thought I'd take a look at what's going on in her chart.

Ashlee is a Libra Sun with either Capricorn or Aquarius Moon. Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony and balance. Libras can be vain and want to look beautiful probably more than anyone else in the room. Her Sun is ruled by Venus and Venus in Ashlee's chart is in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and not aspecting anything else so its influence is very potent. Great for business, for music with a rhythm, for being able to withstand really painful surgeries for the sake of beauty.

That conjunction is only the beginning of the Scorpio influences in her chart showing that she will probably go through many transformations regarding both her looks and her love life. Venus in combination with Saturn can be a bit insecure about appearance and feminine nature; she's got one tough act to follow being Jessica's younger sister, but she's also understands the power of beauty and can compete in an industry that requires huge amounts of beauty. Saturn also rules bones and structure. Neptune has recently squared this conjunction. Neptune rules Glamour so she's really been in the mood to push the Beauty envelope. With Venus-Saturn together you know she carefully shopped around for the best Surgeon for her nose. Jupiter has been in mutual reception with Pluto and was conjunct the Venus-Saturn conjunction as well adding the element of Luck. Good Doctors don't always do the trick. I know, I read the Weekly Star while checking out at the Grocery Store.

Pluto in Simpson's chart is in Scorpio, the sign it rules. Anything Plutonian will come naturally to her. Maybe she'll have to dodge the IRS some day, but most days she just gets to be sexy. Her Progressed Sun has been passing over Pluto which shows that she was due for a big transformation. Out with the old Nose, in with the New.

The Nodes also seem to have played a part. First of all, her Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus rules the voice so she's truly following her Karmic path with her singing career. With South Node in Scorpio, though, it looks like she's leaning on past, karmic patterns now with which to lead her life. Of course, good looks aren't the only thing a girl needs, she must work on her heart and her spirit as well. We would never want Barbara Streisand to have a nose job because of what it might do to her voice.

I've read that Ashlee had the surgery either in April or May this year. It would be interesting to see how close the transiting Sun was to her North Node at the time of the surgery. The transiting South Node was also conjunct her Sun-Mercury. I hope her nose works and she can still smell with it and sing through it or have a rattle in the cartilage somewhere. Otherwise it looks like this was a much needed boost for her ego. Strong Plutonians can develop compulsive behaviors so one hopes that she will not become addicted to Plastic Surgery.

They say she may have had her chin shortened as well. What rules chins? I don't know.


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