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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's a Wiki Wiki World

I use Wikipedia every day so it's really difficult to believe that it has been around for only 6 years next month. It is a Free Encyclopedia available to anyone on the Internet which can be edited by anyone on the Internet. A truly revolutionary advance in civilization that brings huge stores of knowledge to anyone with access to a computer.

Wikipedia started as an afterthought of Nupedia, an Encyclopedia that was edited only by experts in its field. Nupedia was eventually merged into Wikipedia as it became too cumbersome and time consuming to manage.

The Founder of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales who, along with his Editor Larry Sanger, started the company with funding provided by Wales' company Bomis. I'm not sure what Bomis does, some kind of nebulous website thing that seems maybe to make part of its money off of porn (tee hee).

Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales
b. Aug. 7, 1966 Huntsville, Alabama

Sun 15 Leo, Moon in either Aries or Taurus

Larry Sanger
b. July 16, 1968 Bellevue, Washington

Sun 25 Cancer, Moon in Aries

The similarities between Wales and Sanger's charts is striking.

Both men were born (maybe) with Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer. This is a mutual reception between Moon and Mars. (Bill Gates also has Moon in Aries.) I suppose that the Moon-Mars combination is great for an entrepreneur of Start-Up companies. Could also explain the almost immediate clash of egos that Wales and Sanger appear to have gotten into with each other. Their Wikipedia autobiographies sound almost like Divorce Documents. They seem like very creative, emotionally volatile men.

Both men were born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo of the mid-60s. This is the same conjunction that happened when Gutenberg began to print his Bible thanks to the invention of moveable type (Sept. 30, 1452, Mainz, Germany) and is associated with revolutionary, world changing ideas, especially in technology. Suddenly many people could read the Bible, not just the Royalty.

Both men have their Pluto-Uranus conjunctions at apex of a small triangle shape to planets sextiling from either side. Sextiles will show special talents, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction at the midpoint of the trine, its powers can manifest.

Also interesting that both men lack planets in Air Signs. Air is the element symbolizing Intellectual Ability. Lack of an element could show either a thirst for or lack of the skills associated with it. How interesting that they worked together to form a huge Encyclopedia, the basis of information and knowledge and all things intellectual.

Jimmy Wales' Uranus-Pluto conjunction is exact at 18 Virgo sextiling Neptune at 20 Scorpio and Mars-Jupiter-Venus in Cancer. It is also opposite his Pluto-Uranus conjunction. When Nupedia was started in March, 2000 his Progressed Sun and Mercury were exactly conjunct his natal Pluto-Uranus conjunction; t. Uranus was at 20 Aquarius opposing his natal Leo Sun; t. NN was conjunct natal Mercury 1 Leo; t. Pluto and Saturn were inconjunct and both in aspect to his natal Sun, Pluto with a Trine and Saturn with a Square. This is a mouthful of transits. It's interesting that Wales' Mercury (communications) is conjunct where Uranus-Pluto was when the Gutenberg Bible was created.

When Wikipedia was started, on January 15, 2001, the transiting North Node had passed over Wales' entire stellium of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, & Mars in Cancer. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of May, 2000 had happened right on his North Node in Taurus.

Larry Sanger's chart shows a more problematic set of aspects. There seems to be a bit of a disagreement between the two men as to how much credit he should be given. He left Wales' company in 2002 and claims that the initial idea for Wikipedia was his. Wales claims that since he was an employee, he can't take as much credit. Sanger's chart has a Yod with Saturn at the apex inconjunct Neptune and Uranus on either leg. This is the Finger of God that forces a person to always compromise, adjust to circumstances that never really resolve. The person has to always seek for solutions where others may be handed the answers on a silver platter. Sanger teaches philosophy. It's a good outlet for him. Also Sun-Venus square Saturn. He has Chiron, North Node, Moon and Saturn in Aries. He will fight for what is rightfully his.

January 15 is supposedly known among techies as Wikipedia Day. Wikipedia was "born" on January 15, 2001. A Capricorn that survived the Saturn-Pluto opposition in its first year. Who knew? This is why I can't do predictions. I'm not sure of the "birth town." Bomis is in St. Petersburg, FL but the server is in San Diego, CA.

Wikipedia's first article was entered on January 16, 2001 21:08 UTC, created by Eiffel.demon.com.uk. If I've got the time set correctly this chart is perfect. Virgo Rising and Gemini MC, both ruled by Mercury the planet of thoughts and communications. Scorpio the sign of Research is on the 3d house cusp of communications. It's ruler Pluto is conjunct the IC at the exact bottom of the chart which shows the depth and power of its influence. Neptune-Mercury-Uranus are all in Aquarius, the sign of technology and revolution and squaring Mars in Scorpio in the 3d house of research/communications. Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction in the 9th house of higher knowledge, education, international affairs. Sun is in Capricorn in the 5th house. That's simply a dynamic combination, blends serious concerns with an element of fun and pizazz.

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