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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jack Kevorkian

Jack Kevorkian has spent the last 8 years in prison in Michigan for illegal assisting in a Euthanasia in 1998. He had assisted at maybe 100 euthanasias before that starting around 1990. Kevorkian is set to be released for parole on June 1, 2007. His lawyer says he has left than a year to live. He is 78 years old, 113 lbs. and suffers from Hepatitis C and Diabetes. Why don't they let him out now? They can keep a person alive on a ventilator for years in the most inhumane conditions possible (your toes curl under from lack of use: one detail of what happens as you're lying there), but they won't let a person die quietly and with dignity who is suffering unbearably and has no desire to continue.

I worship the side of Dr. Kevorkian that has gone against the grain and released innocent people from their suffering. I honor the fact that from a legal stand-point euthanasia is a complex subject for which there is no easy answer. After reading about Kevorkian I also recognize that he's pretty odd, maybe not the most sterling leader for confronting such a complex issue.

Jack Kevorkian, another complex Gemini.
b. May 26, 1928 Pontiac, MI

Kevorkian's chart is not very complex aspect-wise, but most of the planets are exceptionally placed either in the sign that they rule or by aspect. Mercury, Mars, and Venus are in their own signs, for example. Having that many planets in their own signs is rare. Saturn is Peregrine and Pluto is a Singleton in Water. Saturn is also the handle of a bucket shaped chart. This guy likes to have control and to play God, or, at least, of "Father Time." He would have a very realistic, practical viewpoint of suffering.

An obsession with Death would be indicated by Pluto, Saturn, 8th house (I don't have his birth time so no house information). Kevorkian has Saturn Retrograde at 17 Sagittarius inconjunct Pluto at 16 Cancer. An inconjunct indicates "adjustments" of some kind, can often indicate health issues. Sue Tompkins also adds Chiron to her list as ruling Euthanasia as it indicates "Conscious acceptance of death." (www.melaniereinhart.com). While Kevorkian has been in jail, Pluto has been passing over his natal Saturn. The two planets also were in opposition to each other for an entire year and then inconjunct each other for another year, making three passes through retrogrades. They are now trining each other, trines can show release. Chiron in Kevorkian's chart is at 8 Taurus.

I found another interesting article on Out-of-Bound planets written by Pamela Welch (www. mandela.be/declination/). She writes that Kevorkian's Mercury is out of bounds and that Mercury symbolizes Physicians and Healing. The God Mercury put people to sleep with his wand and was often the messenger of death in Roman Mythology. Mercury in Kevorkian's chart is in its own sign, Gemini, and sextiles a lovely Jupiter-Neptune trine from either side. He had tried to make a Hollywood Movie and paints (Dude must have a wicked 12th house). Kevorkian has Sun conjunct North Node in Gemini as well so his Ego and Life Purpose are in line with his out-of-bounds Mercury.

Kevorkian will be released shortly after his Birthday on June 1, 2007. In Astro Terms "Birthday" means "Solar Return." Not only will he be having a Solar Return but he will be having a Mercury and Mars Return as well. As both Mercury and Mars are in their own signs in his chart this is doubly significant. Venus will be conjunct his natal Pluto and Jupiter, which will be conjunct his Natal Saturn setting off the inconjunct between those two natal planets. The never-ending Saturn-Neptune opposition will be joined by Chiron in Aquarius on Neptune's end by wide conjunction. In his next Solar Return, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron will all Stationing Retrograde.

Another interesting aspect about Kevorkian's natal chart is that he was born between 2 solar eclipses that happened within a month of each other. This happens only once every 300 years. (The next time will be in 2195.) On May 19, 1928 (Taurus New Moon) there was a tiny solar eclipse in the far South (near the South Pole) and on June 17, 1928 (Gemini New Moon) there was a small partial eclipse in the far North (near the Norht Pole, literally lasted 00 minutes, 00 seconds according to NASA!!). This last eclipse is also significant because it was the beginning of Saros Cycle 155. There was a Lunar Eclipse on June 3, 1928. The significance of this I can't say but it must contribute to what set him apart from so many. The First Solar Eclipse would have happened on Kevorkian's Venus, squaring his Neptune. The Second Solar Eclipse would have happened on his Mercury, very significant in his chart as mentioned earlier.

extra note: Len Cutler, who developed the Atomic Clock, (I looked at his chart earlier), was born January, 1928. I can see the "adjustment" qualities of the Saturn-Pluto inconjunct in both charts.

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