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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Big Fat Hollywood Production

The Oscars.

Thought I'd look up charts and try to guess who will win but I'm too lazy.

Mark Wahlberg interests me. I had no idea he was Marky Mark the underwear Model and the guy who starred in "Boogey Nights." He's awesome in "The Departed" and on talk shows. Guess all this fragmented imagery is typical of his Sun Sign, another Gemini.

What's wild is his wayward childhood. He harassed some black children in a school playground when he was 15 and blinded a Vietnamese Guy when he was 16 for which he was convicted for aggravated assault. Later on at Age 21 he broke a neighbor's jaw. Supposedly that wasn't his fault, the neighbor must have been white. Wild Guy who has done very well for himself.

Mark Wahlberg
b. June 5, 1971 7:15am Boston, MA (from astrotheme)

Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising, Moon in Scorpio, Pisces MC

So. His Mars is conjunct his North Node in Aquarius. The aggression is part of his Fate. Hopefully he'll never go into Nuclear Physics. Mars-NN involved in a Grand Trine with Sun and Uranus (which is on his IC). This expands out to a Kite figure with Chiron opposite Uranus. Not exactly what one would figure for a bigot but maybe some self-perpetuating problems with impulse and aggressive ego. Perhaps he will eventually use his success and fame to show love for humanity on a large scale.

Most interesting is Marky's Moon. It's the Ruler of his chart and is in Scorpio unaspected. That's an indicator for strong emotional needs that can get bottled up. How fitting that he modelled underwear and starred in the role of a porn star. His troubles seem to have peaked when his Sun progressed into Cancer at age 16. When the Sun progresses into a Sign the ego and how one shines can go through a difficult adjustment period, especially when the planet that rules the new sign is afflicted. Along with his impulsive Sun-Mars-Uranus grand trine he needed to learn to control his impulses. But, also, this expresses itself as strong, virile, straight-forward energy such as the role of the good cop in "The Departed." Wahlberg's progressed Sun was still in his 12th house when it changed signs; the 12th house rules incarceration and jails, as well as music and film.

When Wahlberg cut his record as Marky Mark in 1991 his progressed Moon was passing through his 1st house, the sign that it rules.

When he began his Acting Career in 1993 his Ascendant was progressing into Leo, the sign of the performer.

Wahlberg's natal Moon is in his 5th house which is natural for a performer. His children are probably a very positive influence in his life. On Wikipedia it says that he plans to retire when he is 40 to spend time with them. With Pisces MC, a career in film is a natural, especially with ruler Neptune conjunct Jupiter also in the 5th house.

Also very interesting is that Will Smith, my personal favorite for the Oscar, also has a Scorpio Moon, possibly unaspected as well, but in his 12th house natally. Another rap artist who turned actor.

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