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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boys' Toys

I just picked up what looked like a wonderful Biography at a Library book sale about Leo Szilard. Well, the Librarian said it had been placed there by mistake and asked for it back, so I didn't actually read it. Szilard sounds like a really interesting guy.. He was a Hungarian born physicist who had an incredible gift for forecasting Political Events. He predicted WWI and WWII and that Germany was working on Atomic Warfare. He was also one of the Designers of the 1st Nuclear Bomb. He and Einstein together wrote a letter to Roosevelt in 1939 warning that the Germans were building an Atomic Bomb. He predicted the Cold War; but he wasn't able to predict that the U.S. would turn around and use the bomb on the Japanese.

I don't know much about what happened except that many of the Scientists who developed Nuclear theories that led up to creating The Bomb deeply regretted its uses in War; the Librarian took the book away from me after all. I did manage to write down the four names mentioned in the book as being the big creators of "The Bomb." And Szilard and Einstein were actually against what was going on at Los Alamos.

As I understand it (corrections for incorrect information appreciated):

Albert Einstein

b. March 14, 1879 11:30am Ulm, Germany

created the concept of Nuclear Chain Reactions

Leo Szilard
b. Feb.11, 1898 Budapest, Hungary

and Enrico Fermi
b. Sept. 29, 1901 7pm Rome, Italy

designed the 1st nuclear reactor.

Robert Oppenheimer
b. Apr. 22, 1904 8:15am New York, NY

managed Los Alamos where the Bomb was built.

All four expressed regrets about what they had done. This Contrarian part of Human Nature is so amazing. Here were the most intelligent people on earth, considered humanitarian and cultured to the highest degree, yet they were the creators of the most destructive warfare on earth.

I looked at their charts to see if Mars was doing something interesting. Mars rules Aggression. We all have one, we need this energy to survive, but I was wondering if anything would show up that showed that these sensitive, intelligent men were somehow bound to a Fate that was so far from their Natures. Powee! (Mars lingo) Mars c. North Node in Einstein, Szilard, and Fermi's charts! No matter how brilliant these men were, that Mars energy took off with their lives.

Boys will be boys.

Oppenheimer's Mars in Taurus was connected to his North Node through a minor aspect (Bi-Quintile, keyword: Observation?) but was unaspected to any other planet so it held a volatile position. What is exceptional is how Neptune and Pluto hang above and below his ASC and square his Nodes.

Story goes on.

The "Father of Nuclear Chemistry", Otto Hahn, had an almost similar Node Mars connection as Einstein and Szilard. He and Einstein were born within a week of each other so both had North Node at 2 Aquarius. Einstein's Mars was at 27 Capricorn. Hahn's Mars was at 23 Capricorn. Szilard had the conjunction over the cusp in the opposite direction. North Node at 27 Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Mars at 0 Aquarius. That Mercury sure does give a clue to Szilard's incredible intuitive skills. Rex Bills gives Uranus and Mars to rulership of Bombs, with Pluto ruling Atomic Bombs so it's pretty fascinating to see these connections between Mars and Uranus (and Saturn) in these charts.

Otto Hahn received the Nobel Prize for his work. Apparently many people think that he should have shared the Prize with his work partner of 30 years, Lise Meitner (b. Nov. 17, 1878 Vienna, Austria). Lise's Jupiter was conjunct her Aquarius North Node and squaring an opposition of Chiron-Neptune opposite Mars in Scorpio. When asked if she would work for the Manhattan Project, Meitner said: "I will have nothing to do with a bomb." Go Venus! Her Mars is actually more Volatile than any of the mens' Mars! It is certainly interesting to see how the energy is diffused in women. Her Venus is conjunct Sun in Scorpio in Meitner's chart and opposite Pluto in Taurus so we can see the power struggle with Otto Hahn here.

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