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Sunday, February 11, 2007

For Lisa Nowak, Girl Astronaut

For Lisa who lost her head last week and fell back down to earth...

...And also for all those fools who are about to do the same thing this week because Valentine's Day always brings out the worst in a relationship...

...A song to ease your pain, best if sung in duet by Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. If you're really feeling bad turn on the Country Western music...

...I'm sorry Lisa, would hate to see what's happening to your Midheaven right now. Take care, I wish you well.

You Can't Lose A Broken Heart

James P. Johnson / Flournoy E. Miller

Don't lose your head
Then lose your guy
You can't lose a broken heart

If you ever break up
Then try to make up
It's tough to make a brand new start

Take a walk
Think it over
While strolling neath the moon
Don't say things in December
You'll regret in June

Ware your remark
Before you speak
Or you may be sorry soon,
Don't be erratic
Be diplomatic
To keep your heart in tune

Cruel harsh words
Often spoken
Will upset your applecart
So don't lose your head
Then lose your guy
Cus, you can't lose a broken heart
No, you can't lose a broken heart!


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