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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Black Sheep and Scapegoats

My Rex Bills Rulership Book has brought out my Inner-Astro-3-year-old. All the questions that I have managed to "stuff" over the years, I am rabidly asking now. What planet for this? What sign for that?

A couple of interesting rulerships I found that sort of surprised me:

Black Sheep: Jupiter
Scapegoat: Saturn

The Saturn-Scapegoat connection is pretty obvious, especially when Saturn is in aspect to Pluto, but I'm surprised by the Jupiter Black Sheep connection. Jupiter in my own Chart is pretty badly placed so I guess I was more of a Black Sheep than a Scapegoat. When Saturn passed over my Ascendant by transit and I got to experience the Scapegoat effect and that was very unpleasant.

Chiron's Discovery seems to have shifted Saturn's interpretation. First of all, Chiron's orbit moves in and out of Saturn and Uranus' orbits, and, second, because it has been going through long oppositions to first Uranus and now Saturn. Ever since it's Discovery almost, Astrologers have only been able to watch Chiron's effects in it's opposition relationship to either Uranus or Saturn so both planets are probably viewed now in terms of their inability to heal completely. Saturn is now interpreted more in terms of its relationship with Uranus than with Jupiter. It's now often read as Conservative/Traditional as opposed to Uranus' Revolutionary/Liberal ideology. Saturn's traditional Authoritarian Management style has had to give way to Uranus' chaotic, Democratic style and the Healing and Wounding style of Chiron is observed in both. In the old style interpretation, Saturn was generally interpreted in comparison with it's differences to Jupiter. Saturn was constrictive and disciplined and Jupiter was expansive and undisciplined.

Anyway, Black Sheep and ScapeGoats, what was your role in your family? Chiron is a Centaur so I guess the closest thing in the barnyard to him would be the Donkey. Beast of Burden? Uranus wants one big happy family, warts and all (not very accepting of loners, however, so need extra defense against the wolves and hyenas).

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