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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Your (Aries) Beautiful (Venus) Face (Aries)

Beauty (Venus) is in the Eye (Sun and Moon) of the Beholder (Venus).

Here are Rulerships on the Face from my Rex Bills Book along with a couple of my own interpretations which are followed by (?). Now you can see the Stars in your Mirror (Mercury and Moon).

Windows (Gemini,Neptune) to the Soul (Sun, Leo)
YOUR EYES: Aries, Sun, H1 (Uranus, Aquarius, Neptune, Moon, Mercury)
Left of a Male, Right of a Female: Moon
Left of a Female, Right of a Male: Sun
Eyesight: Mercury
Near-Sightedness: Moon
Far-Sightedness: Moon, Neptune
Defective Eyesight: Moon
Eye Afflictions and disorders: Aries, Sun
Etheric Vision: Uranus
Iris: Aries (Taurus)
Sense of Sight: Mercury (Moon, Sun, Aquarius)

YOUR NOSE: Scorpio, Mars (Aries, Jupiter)
Mucus discharges: Pisces, Moon
Kleenex (Tissue paper): Mercury (Neptune)
Sense of Smell: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Scorpio

YOUR MOUTH: Mercury, Aries (Venus, Taurus, Mars)
Lower Lip (along with Jaw & Gums): Taurus
Upper Lip (along with Jaw): Aries
Stiff Upper Lip: Saturn (?)
Teeth: Saturn (Aquarius, Jupiter, Cancer)
Decayed of Abcessed Teeth: Saturn
False Teeth: Neptune
Tongue: Mercury, Taurus
Sense of Taste: Mars (Jupiter, Taurus)

YOUR EARS: H2, Taurus, Mercury (Aries)
Left Ear: (Mars, Saturn)
Right Ear: (Jupiter, Saturn)
Sense of Hearing: Saturn, Mercury

YOUR SKIN: Saturn, Capricorn, Libra, Venus
Diseases of the Skin: Saturn, Capricorn
Eruptions: Mars, Aries
Sensitive Skin: Aquarius
Acne: Mars, Aries, H1 (Sun, Pluto)
Wrinkles in the Skin: Saturn
Dimples: Venus
Make-Up, Make-Up Artists: Venus, Neptune
Scars: Mars
Sense of Touch: Venus, Mercury

YOUR HAIR: Saturn, Capricorn (Mercury, Venus, Virgo)
Big Hair: Leo, Baby, Leo!!!!! (?)

YOUR SKULL: Aries, H1, Saturn
Base of the Skull: Taurus, H2
Organs within the Head and Diseases of: H1, Aries, Mars
Headaches: Mercury, Aries, Mars (Uranus)

YOUR FACE (Along with Diseases of the Face and Eruptions thereon): H1, Aries, Mars
Forehead: Mars, Aries (Mercury),
but I think those knowledge bumps on little kids are Saturn (?)
Forehead, Upper: (Jupiter)
Temples of the Head: (Jupiter)
Cheeks: Venus, Aries
Chin: Venus, Taurus
Multiple Chins and Jowels??? Maybe best not to go there... (?)


YOUR LAUGHTER: Venus (Neptune)
Unless Looney and Out-of-Control: Moon (?)



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