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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cyber Attacks

Last Tuesday the backbone of the Internet, the Domain Name System, was inundated with the largest hacker attack since 2002. There are 13 root servers that link all domain names to ID addresses on the Internet around the World. 10 of these servers are in the United States and 3 are in undisclosed locations. On Tuesday there was a 40% increase in traffic which overwhelmed at least 3 of the 12 servers. 2002's attack overloaded 9 out of the 13 servers. Much of Tuesday's hacking has been tracked back to South Korea.

Looks like Hackers like to grab the Air Time (pun intended), especially Gemini. Jupiter is at 15 Sagg, the same degree that Pluto was at in 2002. Sun in major aspect to Saturn both times.

Feb. 6, 2007, starting at 2:30am Pacific Standard Time, San Jose. Lasted for about 12 hours. I guess the overloads affected mostly the California coast, Silicon Valley?

Sun 18 Aquarius H3, ASC 7 Sagittarius, Moon 5 Libra H10, MC 22 Virgo

5 planets in H3 along with the North Node: Sun-Neptune in Aquarius (opposite Saturn in H9); Mercury-Venus-Uranus-NN in Pisces squaring the ASC and Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Pluto in H1 both trining Saturn in Leo in H9.

Mars in Capricorn, singleton, H2 and trining MC.

Oct. 21, 2002, starting at 21:00 GMT, lasted about an hour.

Sun 29 Libra; Ascendant 19 Gemini; Moon 8 Taurus; MC Aquarius.

North Node at 10 Gemini in H12.

Uranus c. MC. Pluto c. DESC.

Grand Trine: Uranus-MC 25Aquarius trine Sun H5 trine Saturn H1 at 29 Cancer.

Grand Square: Moon opposite Venus14 Scorpio squaring Jupiter H3 opposite Neptune H9.

Here's a link to a story: http://news.com.com/2100-7349_3-6156944.html

Something interesting to note is the position of one of the Centaurs, Pholus: Here's a description of his influence: http://www.kentauren.info/menu/index.htm?page=/Keythemes.htm where he is seen as an ignition, causer of a chain reaction. In the 2002 attack he was conjunct Venus in Scorpio and included in the Grand Square. Also, Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, was conjunct the Descendant in Sagittarius.

In last Tuesday's attack, he was exactly conjunct the Sagittarius Ascendant and squaring the 3d house stellium. I've never paid attention to him before and this is interesting.

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