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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Aspects by Successive Degrees

Here is a feeble attempt to understand the aspects, especially the minor ones. I've had trouble finding a list like this. I've listed as many as I could find and put them in numerical order in hopes that it will help for understanding the feeling of how the planets move through time. If anyone finds a mistake please let me know.

The comments below some of the aspects are taken from the Wikipedia article on aspects: http://www.astrosoftware.com/MinorAspect.htm. I like them because they're concise and if they're not accurate somebody would have corrected them by now. Right? I'm only slightly rephrasing them for the most part. Additional interpretations ought to be used. Robert Blaschke has written an online newsletter explaining 18', 20', 22.5' and 25 5/7' aspects here: http://www.earthwalkastrology.com/c_news.html. Sounds very spiritual and my slow Taurus 12th house cusp hasn't ingested the meanings quite yet. I am catching on through his Progressions book that he's done some really awesome work.

Eventually through study of Harmonics and other disciplines astrologers will have an understanding of how each degree relates to all other 359 degrees of the circle. That's pretty exciting.

0 degrees / Conjunction / 1st Harmonic

15 degrees / _______________? Some call it a Quindecile / 24th Harmonic

18 degrees / Semi-Decile (or Vigintile) / 20th Harmonic

20 degrees / Seminovile / 18th Harmonic

22.5 degrees / Semioctile / 16th Harmonic

25 5/7 degrees / Semiseptile / 14th Harmonic (related to 7th Harmonic)

30 degrees / Semi-Sextile / 12th Harmonic
--weak influence connected with making decisions, conscious effort needed to stay positive (from Wiki)

32.72727272 degrees / Undecim / 11th Harmonic
--associated with social consciousness & ability to reach beyond oneself for help (from Wiki)

36 degrees / Decile (or Semi-Quintile) / 10th Harmonic
--ability to help others (from Wiki)

40 degrees / Novile (or Nonagen) / 9th Harmonic
--constriction between two planets involved that can be unlocked & used as a catalyst to self-enhancement (from Wiki)

45 degrees / Semi-Square (or Octile, Semi-Quartile) / 8th Harmonic
--weaker version of square - somewhat difficult circumstances (from Wiki)

51.42857 degrees / Septile / 7th Harmonic
--irrational relations between elements represented by two planets involved, confers hidden underlying nature & destiny of their relationship (from Wiki).

60 degrees / Sextile / 6th Harmonic

72 degrees / Quintile (angle used in Pentagrams) / 5th & 10th Harmonics
--Indicates talents & vaguely fortunate influences. Effort is needed to reap benefits. (from Wiki)

75 degrees / _______?____ (In Quindecile Family) / 24th Harmonic

80 degrees / Binovile / 9th Harmonic

90 degrees / Square / 8th Harmonic

102.857143 degrees / Biseptile / 7th Harmonic
--externalized septile (from Wiki)

105 degrees / Squine (hybrid between square and trine) / Harmonic?

108 degrees / Sesquiquintile (also Tridecile, Quintile and a half) / 10th Harmonic

120 degrees / Trine (1/3 circle) / 3d Harmonic

135 degrees / Sesquiquadrate (square plus semi-square, also called tri-octile) / 8th Harmonic
--somewhat difficult, similar to semi-square

144 degrees / Biquintile (2 quintiles) / 5th and 10th Harmonics
--similar to Quintile, social creativity or need for withdrawal and isolation (from Wiki)

150' / Quincunx (5/12 circle) / 12th Harmonic
--moderate, unpredictable, adjustment, 2 elements have nothing in common, area of self-neglect in life leading to health problems (from Wiki)

154.286714 degrees / Tri-Septile / 7th Harmonic

160 degrees / Quatronovile / 9th Harmonic

163' 38" / Quinqueundecile / 11th Harmonic

165 degrees / Quindecile (Johndro) / 24th Harmonic (all 15 degree aspects belong to 24th harmonic)
--head-strong, determination (from Wiki)
--excellent article by Noel Tyl: http://www.noeltyl.com/techniques/990801.html

180 degrees / Opposition / 2d Harmonic

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