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Friday, August 24, 2007

Cycles that Come Up in Solar Return Charts

From Mary Shea's excellent book Planets in Solar Returns: A Yearly Guide for Transformation and Growth, here are some cycles to watch for as represented in Solar Return Charts. They may represent repeating patterns in a life. There are lots of 33 year cycles. Didn't Dante write The Divine Comedy when he was 33 years old? Something about being halfway through Life and getting one's first Taste of Hell?

  • Midheaven - The MC jumps ahead 3 signs every year give or take a couple of degrees. If you've lived in the same place all your life the Midheaven will return to its original spot every 33 years + or - a couple of degrees.
  • Ascendant - I didn't write anything down for this. Maybe follows approximate 33 year returns like Sun and MC? (That's a guess).
  • Sun - Is always in the same sign on same degree. Also follows a 33 year cycle for those who've lived in one spot their whole lives. The Sun moves forward 3 Houses every year. Stays in same angularity for 10 years then shifts to next angularity so follows a 10 year "sub-cycle". In otherwords, if Sun starts in Angular House it will be in an angular house for about 10 years. Then it will slip to Succedent Houses for the next 10 years (about). And then it will slip to Cadent House positions for 10 years. And then back to Angular Houses, etc. It appears to move backwards through the chart though. H1 to H10 to H7 to H4, for example.
  • Mercury - Will be Retrograde in the Solar Return Chart every 6 years. Can only be in the 3 signs closest to the Sun Sign.
  • I can't get rid of this bullet.
  • Venus - Repeats placements every 8 years give or take a few degrees. Exceptions for Venus Retrogrades, especially Stations. I've already forgotten what this means, just buy the book, support the author.
  • Mars - The sign Mars is in will be unpredictable.
  • Jupiter - Will be in a new sign almost every year so will probably be in the same sign every 12 years just as in transit charts.

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