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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beethoven Killed By His Doctor?

Here's an article from the San Jose Mercury News discussing research containing evidence that Beethoven was slowly poisoned by his Doctor with a treatment that contained Lead. http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_6706233. Apparently Beethoven had such a difficult personality that most Doctors wouldn't treat him so he ended up with a Quack. A good lesson for us all. Be nice to yer docteur. The article studied chemical analyses of Beethoven's hair and found through growth patterns that big spikes of Lead coincided with the timing for the treatments he received.

Lead is ruled by Saturn and Saturn was transiting through Beethoven's 8th House of Death so I suppose you could leave the interpretation alone with just that information.

I believe that Capricorn/Saturn also rules the Hearing and Hearing Sensitivities and Losses. At the time of his death Beethoven's Solar Arc Saturn was conjunct his 12th house cusp, a major health house. Beethoven had 3 Planets in Capricorn in his 3d house. All 3 were receiving close conjunctions:

1. t. Neptune 17 Capricorn c. n. Pluto 17 Capricorn (both inconjunct Saturn-MC in Leo)
2. T. Uranus 28 Capricorn c. n. Venus 27 Capricorn
3. prog. Moon 5 Capricorn c. n. Jupiter 4 Capricorn (and opposite t. Saturn in H8 out of sign in Gemini)

I wanted to find the indicator that showed he was killed by his doctor. I think Scorpio Rising can only have a kindly Venusian type of treatment (Taurus on the Descendant) and good luck finding that for a Sagittarius who is in pain.

First indicator might be that Beethoven died shortly after having a Nodal Return in his 1st house. The Nodes were still passing through the 1st-7th houses of relationships with South Node at 16 Taurus were conjunct his Uranus in Taurus. As Uranus is part of the rare Grand Earth Trine of the 3 outer planets that happened the year of his birth this creates a Kite Pattern over the 1st/7th house nodes. Transiting Uranus was conjunct Venus, ruler of the sign it is placed in and also the Descendant.

The transiting Nodes were also squaring his natal Saturn-MC bringing in again the theme of Lead. It's interesting that Napoleon also had this Outer Planet Grand Square and also is thought to have been poisoned. Uranus shares this aspect with Neptune and Pluto, the two planets that rule poisoning and toxicity. Pluto rules Beethoven's chart and the sign of his North Node so is extra important in matters of health and physical body.

Ludwig von Beethoven

b. Dec. 16, 1770 3:40 am Bonn, Germany

d. Mar. 26, 1827

I'm also going to add some notes about Beethoven's Hearing Problem and Tinnitus. Coincidentally, I've found that Saturn was transiting through his 8th house also in 1796 when Beethoven's hearing began to fail. This house is ruled by Gemini/Mercury which rules the hearing. Mars is in that House, retrograde in Gemini, and very much out of bounds at 26 degrees 10' 54 N. Mars is also heavily afflicted as it opposes Moon, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius and squares Neptune and has no easy aspects.

In 1796 I've found the following aspects which I think might help explain his problems:

1. Prog. Sun 21 Cap c. Prog. Venus RX 19 Cap. c. n. Pluto 17 Cap plus transiting South Node 17 Capricorn in 3d house.

2. transiting Pluto conjunct t. Jupiter in 4th House

3. Prog. Moon c. t. Neptune over Scorpio Ascendant

4. T. Saturn passing through 8th House over natal Mars Rx/Prog. Mars Rx.

5. Also in 1796 there was a long Mars Retrograde Transit over the Cusp between Capricorn and Sagittarius on Beethoven's 3d house cusp.

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