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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Burnt Man

Fly Me To the Moon...

It really is difficult living in San Francisco where everybody and his brother is agonizing over these Eclipses for months before they happen. I think it gives some of us too much time to plan.

If nothing happened to you during the Lunar Eclipse well then maybe it's your fault; If the Lunar Eclipse didn't come to you then you should have gone to it. At the Burning Man Festival in Nevada on Tuesday (8/28/2007 2:58am; Lovelock, NV) some nut from San Francisco decided to burn the 40 foot Wooden Sculpture in order to coincide with the Eclipse. Normally the sculpture is burned down at the end of the festival, in this case that's on Saturday. This guy took a blow torch to the Big Man's shin and voila, 23 minutes later, compliments of the fire brigade, 85 percent charcoal drawing. Hey, Venus in Leo opposite good old Neptune in Aquarius. Big ego'd artist takes back the festival from the yuppies.

I guess the guy was sent to jail on an arson charge. Isn't that weird? He's an arsonist for burning down something that would have been burnt down anyway, just 4 days early. All the pop shrinks will be having a field day with this one.

Chart has 25 Cancer Rising with ruler Moon in 8th House conjunct the North Node in Virgo. The 2d House of artistic creation is lit up like a firefly with Sun-South Node-Saturn and Venus opposing the Moon and North Node in the 8th House of creative destruction: the Phoenix rising from the ashes - they're gonna rebuild a Littler Man in time for Saturday).

And then there's the Mutable Grand Square: Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Uranus in Pisces opposite Mercury in Virgo. That's some pretty frenetic energy. I guess the yuppies are mad. Something like "We were all really mellow until this happened."

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