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Monday, September 10, 2007

Tiny Thought about Saturn

Saturn rules boundaries of all types but that sort of implies that it is Static. And if you've ever known a Capricorn, you know that they're not static, sedimentary types. They're pushy. I think Saturn rules "Pushing Limits" like the goat that pushes up to the top of the mountain. Saturnians function better when given very little to work with. They need to always have something to push against.

This reminds me of Rod Serling who had Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Jupiter. He wrote stories about "The Outer Limits." He happened to have a Grand Trine of 3 Outer Planets in his chart: Saturn 12 Scorpio trine Uranus 18 Pisces trine Pluto 13 Cancer. What an interesting combination of ideas to merge into a harmonious Trine pattern! Pluto looking for something to change; Saturn pushing beyond what is known; and Uranus laughing his head off and saying "Go for it. Take it out there."

Billie Holiday had a Capricorn Moon. In 1939 she sang a song called "Strange Fruit" about the lynchings in the South back before people even knew the Civil Rights Movement was possible. In her autobiography she tells a story (I hope I'm remembering correctly) about singing in a White club. One ignorant woman came up to her afterward gushing about how the Romantic about the bodies swinging in the trees.



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