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Friday, September 07, 2007

British National Child Development Study

Hope you grew up with a Jupiter in Scorpio. It turns out that Britain has been following the lives of Children with Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio since 1958 through a very extensive survey called the British National Child Development Study. All children born in Scotland, England and Wales during a certain week in March have been followed their whole lives by a series of surveys that examined many sides of their lives: health, family, schooling, etc. The Children were interviewed themselves, their parents were interviewed, as were their teachers and others. England then started a second study 12 years later -- Jupiter-er-er-er-r.

Now, Sociologists and all kinds of Powers that Be use this information to determine how to "improve society." And, wouldn't you know, all the kids in both studies have Jupiter in Scorpio. So, if you have all the qualities of a Jupiter in Scorpio, I suppose your sociological needs will have been scrutinized by all sorts of well meaning sociologists and projected back onto you by ignorant psychologists who study this stuff like it's the gospel. No wonder all we can talk about is suicide in Children. (I've got Jupiter in Scorpio myself and I know that we are rather private, reserved but opinionated people. I can tell you that secretly we hate all researchers, think that Statistics are b-s- and truly prefer our privacy and anonymity. Plus we have sick senses of humor and will tell all kinds of crap to anyone who probes too much.) An initial smaller study was begun in 1946. That's another 12 year link and I thought Oh NO! but the study was performed on babies born in March so they have Jupiter in Libra. This first set of babies must have been a bunch of charmers. They're probably all Vegans and meditate a lot.

Here's a link to the 1946 study: http://www.nshd.mrc.ac.uk/data/data.htm

Here's a link to the 1958 study: http://www.esds.ac.uk/longitudinal/access/ncds/l33004.asp.

Here's a link to the 1970 study: oh, I'm too lazy to go back.

Astrological Interpretation here is ridiculous. I'm going to add some outer planet transits if significant just for interest. But, really, one can see how strange it is to read single charts when one considers that in just a couple of tiny countries on the planet more than 17,000 babies were born in one week.

In the most comprehensive and organized study, the one done in 1958, the Children were all born "in a certain week in March, 1958." I looked at that in horror because I don't know if the whole world should be judged according to how a couple of Pisces messed up their lives. I mean, I knew someone born in that month who was a kleptomaniac addict who slit her wrists... With some digging I found a site that says that the actual week was Mar.3-9, 1958. That sticks my kleptomaniac friend right in there. A compulsive but very pleasant liar, a born grifter. And she was American so if she was followed it was only by the FBI.

Here's the Raw Astro Data for the three studies along with Ages of Follow-Up Interviews (hope I've got at least some of the facts correct):

National Study of Health & Development
1946 Birth Cohort Study

Babies born Mar. 3-9, 1946 (used London, England)

Sun 12-18 Pisces; Moon Pisces-Gemini for the Week; Mercury 28 Pisces - 6 Aries; Venus 19-27 Pisces; Mars 15-16 Cancer; Jupiter 27 Libra; Saturn 19 Cancer; Uranus 14 Gemini; Neptune 8 Libra; Pluto 10 Leo; NN 28 Gemini; Chiron 21 Libra

These guys were born with a trine between Uranus in Gemini and Neptune-Chiron in Libra. The charts are also notable for a conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Cancer that squares Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter (all retrograde) in Libra. Jupiter trines their North Nodes in Gemini, so maybe that's how the Brits got the idea to study groups every 12 years / Jupiter Return...who knows.


1947-50 - 2-4 years old
1951-61 - 6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15 years
1962-81 - 16, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 31 years
1982-2000 - 36, 43, 53,
47-54 years postal questionnaire to women only

National Child Development Study (NCSD) Mar. 2 - 9, 1958

Sun: 12-18 Pisces; Moon: Leo - Scorpio; Mercury: 12-23 Pisces; Venus 4-7 Aquarius; Mars 20-24 Capricorn; Jupiter: 2-1 Scorpio Rx; Saturn 25-26 Sagittarius; Uranus 9 Leo; Neptune: 5 Scorpio; Pluto 1 Virgo; NN 3 Scorpio; Chiron 20 Aquarius

These charts are dominated by a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune to the Scorpio NN. All are Retrograde. That's perfect a health research study but perhaps wasn't felt as comforting for the participants. This is squaring an opposition of Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Leo. The study probably made them feel very special. The Ju-Ne-NN conjunction is in hard minor aspect (sesqui-quadrate?) to the Sun-Mercury in Pisces so these people are very sensitive and probably feel quite a bit of agitation. There is also a trine between Pluto and Saturn.

Follow-up Studies for 1958:

1965 - Age 7 // Saturn Square from Pisces, maybe c. natal Sun-Mercury
1969 - Age 11 // Progressed Suns at 29 Pisces about to go into Aries and opposing Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. Waiting for Jupiter Return. This is about when my Kleptomaniac friend said she ran away from Catechism because the Nuns scared her.
1974 - Age 16 // Saturn Opposition.; T. Jupiter in Pisces maybe c. n.Sun.
1981 - Age 23 // Nodal Square c. n. Uranus, aspecting Uranus, Jupiter,Nodes, & Venus
1991 - Age 33 // Solar Return Sun repeats House Placement from Birth; past Saturn Return. Not heavily influenced by Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.
2000-1 - Ages 41-42 // Uranus & Neptune in Aquarius opposing n. Uranus and squaring others.
2004 - Age 46 // Nodal Opposition, Uranus in Pisces approaching conjunction with Sun.

Child's Health & Education Study
plus many other names as tossed from agency to agency. Lots of Taurus in this chart so guess that means the Budget was tighter for this one. Also called "Youthscan." I really like that for a bunch of little Aries.

All Children born Apr. 5-11, 1970 England, Scotland, Wales

Sun: 15-21 Aries; Moon: Pisces - Cancer; Mercury: 28 Aries - 9 Taurus (moved to Taurus 4/7); Venus: 2-10 Taurus; Mars 21-25 Taurus; Jupiter 4-3 Scorpio Rx; Saturn 2-10 Taurus; Uranus 7 Libra; Neptune 1 Sagittarius; Pluto 26 Virgo; NN 12 Pisces Rx; Chiron 7 Aries.

These Charts are dominated by the opposition between Saturn in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. They are mostly Fire & Earth whereas the 1958 people were predominantly Water & Earth.

Follow-Up Studies for 1970:

1975 Age 5 // t.Pluto conjunct n. Uranus in Libra; t. Uranus c. N. Jupiter opp. N.Saturn; t.NN c. n. Neptune in Sagittarius
1980 Age 10 // big approaching transits: t. Uranus c.n.Neptune square t.NN-Jupiter; t.Saturn c. n. Pluto
1985 Age 15.5 but delayed // t.Pluto c. n. Jupiter opp t.NN c. n. Saturn; t.Jupiter c. n.NN
1991 Age 21 // t.Uranus-Neptune-NN in Capricorn square n.Sun
Apr-Sept, 1996 - Age 26 // t.Pluto c. n. Neptune trine t. Saturn in Aries
2000-1 - Age (This year coincided with 1958 study) // Past Saturn Return. Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius squaring n.Jupiter opp. n.Saturn.

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Blogger Twilight said...

I guess that we Brits must have a thing for surveys like these.

I remember a TV series, back in the UK, called Seven Up
(see Wiki here

I only saw four of the stages, the children at 7, 14, 21 and 35.
It was absolutely fascinating.
And the children didn't always turn out as their childhood portraits suggested they would.
I'd love to see it again, and have their astrological details.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Yeah! I've been looking at Michael Apted's chart! He ought to be the poster boy for 7 year cycles! It's interesting that the Saturn cycle is broken down in 7 year cycles, = or -. He's got Jupiter c. Saturn and he began the studies during a Jupiter Return. Oo, I may be remembering that wrong. It would be fun to have all those kids' charts.

The Americans have a big study going too. The Farmingham study I think it's called? I think it's mostly for studying heart disease, though.

11:39 PM  

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