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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Golden Arches

The Architect of the McDonald's Golden Arches was Stanley Clark Meston of Fontana, California. Originally, he set an Arch on either side of the Restaurant that looped through the roof overhang. They were lined with blinking pink neon. Here's an article about Meston and the first McDonalds, I can't read it the type's too small but you can try: http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0037-9808(198603)45%3A1%3C60%3ATOOMGA%3E2.0.CO%3B2-2

Meston was born in 1910 in Oxnard, CA. I don't know what his sign was but there had better be some Golden Leo in there somewhere.

The first McDonald's was created by two brothers, Richard "Dick" J. McDonald and Maurice "Mack" McDonald. The First Restaurant was opened on May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, CA and introduced the "Speedee Service System" of food prep and distribution. "Dick" simply called it "Fast Food." It doesn't fit astrologically that the First Fast Food Restaurant opened under the sign of Taurus, which is known for its slowness, but, whatever, c'est la vie. Ray Kroc did eventually buy the brothers out because they were slow to see the opportunity of expanding the Franchise out into a megalopolis. And he did incorporate the chain under the sign of Aries, a more appropriate sign.

Back to the brothers. Good old Irish Americans.

"Dick" was an Aquarius. Born Feb. 16, 1909. Manchester, NJ?

Aquarians are efficiency experts.

"Mack" was a Sagittarius. Born Nov. 26, 1902. Manchester, NH?.

Sagittarians are impatient.

From just looking at the Sun Signs, we can formidably deduce that "Mack" was probably "Dick's" Muse for creating a whole new way of getting his brother to calm down while working.
At any rate, both Sagittarians and Aquarians are Forward Thinkers, always looking for a better way of doing things. Rex Bills gives rulership of Franchises to (Uranus).

Problem could be that Food and Restaurants are ruled foremost by the sign of Cancer. You don't want your food to be Forward Thinking, that's called any number of foul digestive complaints. Sagittarius and Aquarius aspect Cancer through inconjunct (quincunx) aspects. These aspects are thought to cause Spiritual Irritation and Physical Health problems over Time due to stress of conditions that don't quite work well together. Virgo, the other sign that rules Restaurants as well as Nutrition squares Sagittarius and also inconjuncts Aquarius. One can see where Morgan Spurlock got his subject matter just by looking at the Sun Sign astrology.

The "Speedee Service System" appealed to all kinds of new Restaurant Chains and the Brothers began to franchise their own Chain. Ray Kroc found them in the late 40's. He was a Milkshake Salesman and a Libra born Oct. 5, 1902, Oak Park, Illinois. Libras will Partner with absolutely everything, Bird, Beast, Stone, Mountain, Golden Arches and Irish Brothers.

Ray Kroc's First McDonald's opened on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was an Aries, the opposite sign of Libra. Ray Croc had big plans for his Franchise and bought the McDonald's brothers out in 1961. They were given 1 percent of all the proceeds from McDonald's burgers sold ever after and no doubt lived happily ever after as well.

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