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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Who Lives To Be a Hundred?

Astrologers like to say that Saturnians live longest but I kind of doubt that. At least the Saturnians I've known have been so stressed out by all their fears of failure that you can literally see them oxidating before your very eyes. Also, they tend to be sort of skinny and sickly.

A New York Times article by Henry Fountain called "For Centarians, It all Begins at Birth" (Oct. 30, 2005) (link down below) says that all sorts of factors are figured in. Genetics and Nutrition, Birth Order play a role. One study found that those raised in the Rural West have a better chance. From the looks of the Midwesterners, I'd have to say that it's all in the bones. Hmmm, guess that's Saturn....

Another study mentioned in the article says that people born in October and November have a longer life expectancy than people born April through June. They pop out before their Moms suffer from any seasonal vitamin deficiencies or flu's which can affect the baby's hardiness from inside the womb. A lot of old Libras and Scorpios. Geez, no wonder why Inheritance, Insurance and Will Writing are associated with Scorpio. They're the ones stuck footing the bill and tying up loose ends if you screw up on your finances and keel over.


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