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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Boogie Men

10/3/07, I wasn't going to publish this but now the Blackwater Scandal has come out. So here it is. Original written 9/9/07.

Mars is in my 1st House opposing Pluto in my 7th house and I'm feeling feisty. I'm gonna talk War.

Hmmm. The Face of War has changed. Our Enemy now is the Terrorist. We have to develop a whole new set of tactics to fight this new set of jerks. And our President, who hypocritically seems to have Bazookas on the Brain, used the best Tactic for fighting that there is. He avoided the Draft. Smart.

And when George W. Bush claimed that POWs held by the U.S. would not be tortured, it just means that the Military has given up the old methods of torture that everyone knows about and has found ways of torturing the Detainees in ways that can't be tracked or understood yet. If you can scramble a person's brain with Microwaves or Electronics of some kind while blasting them with Rock Music, why not use it? It's sure to make them miserable. Maybe they'll confess. Try it, it'll work. The Navy knows a lot about sound technology probably complements of the engineers at Crane. The Terrorists aren't the only one who've developed new methods of Warfare. We in the West still have our ways. And nobody really knows what they are even now.

This is a quick look at the chart of the place that develops all the new types of Warfare developed by the U.S. Navy. It is located in Indiana, away from the Ocean I guess because, as used as they are to extreme desert conditions, al-Qaeda won't even consider visiting Indiana. They like New York. So do I.

Enchanted by the Hum that inhabitants of Kokomo, Indiana were hearing back in the 1990's, I visited the town. As you drive into the town, a genuine Army Tank is set into the City Park for the kids to play on. The arm of the Tank aims at you as you drive by. Other than that, Kokomo is the most depressing place I drove through during my entire trip across the country. I drove out to one of the neighborhoods where the hum is said to have driven people nuts but I guess I was too late. No Temptations. No Supremes. No Jefferson Airplane. Nothing. Curiously, when you look at a map you notice that Kokomo is set just up North from where Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center is. An earlier hum was heard in Taos. It's not that big of a deal when a bunch of New Agers hear a Hum, but it is interesting how similar the placement of Taos to Los Alamos is to the placement of Kokomo to Crane Naval Warfare Station is in Indiana. Both towns have military Air installations to their North. Kokomo actually hired an acoustics engineer to come in and determine where the Hum was coming from. He recommended some muffles put on some big fans in the auto factories in town but noted that further tests would needed to be done to rule out the possibility that the sound was from Microwaves. Sound from Microwaves. Has the Military learned to use Sound to harm people? Can we lip sync to it?

Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center
est. Dec. 1, 1941 Burns City, Indiana as Naval Ammunition Depot of the Bureau of Ordnance

Sun 10 Sagittarius; Moon Taurus; NN 20 Virgo

A feisty chart:

Mars in Aries

Sun opposite Jupiter 18 Gemini

2 Grand Trines:
Fire: Sun 10 Sagittarius trine Pluto 6 Leo-Chiron 15 Leo trine Mars 14 Aries
Earth: Venus 26 Capricorn trine Npetune 30 Virgo trine Saturn-Uranus 24 & 28 Taurus

Only Square in the chart is Jupiter in Gemini square Virgo North Node. What does this mean in the chart of a facility that develops Weaponry?

In the 1950s and 60s Crane began to develop new types of Warfare. They call these "small arms, sonobuoy surveillance, microwave tubes, POLARIS missiles. I don't know what any of this is. It's all special stuff brought to us from Neptune's realm. I guess Uranus might rule warfare in the Air, I'm thinking about UFO technology. And Pluto would rule anything underground. Maybe that's Nevada's realm (lol).

Crane has gone through many incarnations since it was developed. In Jan. 1992. it merged with the Naval Ordnance Station in Louisville, KY and changed its name to Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Some planetary placements from that time:
  • North Node 10 Capricorn conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and trine Jupiter Virgo.
  • Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius
  • Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio.
  • Uranus and Neptune combined in Capricorn and conjunct the North Node.
Suddenly Ay, there's the rub -- Uranus and Neptune ganging up together. "Ordnance" and "Ammo" became the following:

Electrochemical Power Systems
Microelectronics Technology
Electronic Module T&R
Small Arms
Night Vision / Electro Optics
Acoustic Sensors
Electronic Warfare
Microwave Components
Radar Engineering

It's fun to look at the funky graphics at Crane's site. It says pretty much nothing about what they do. Here's another link: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/crane.htm



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