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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Most Trusted Name...

I'm trying to figure out where I'm picking up all this Spyware while surfing (Internet, not Ocean) and I'm using the technique you use when you suspect you have a food allergy. Stayed off of CNN yesterday and ended up with a lot less Spyware. Have done a couple of Google searches and have found people bitching all over the place about trying to get CNN's spyware off their hardware. It really likes to embed itself and evades the Spyware programs.

Then, by coincidence, I flipped back onto CNN, just rolls off the fingers, this morning, lured on by a headline about "the Lady who Died in Police Custody in the Phoenix Airport," and there in Big & Bold CNN is chastising Google for photographing unknowing victims from their Satellites. Well, I appreciate that story, but isn't this a little like the pot calling the kettle black? Had to look up CNN's chart, a Gemini.... hmmmm, that could be a Gemini trait.

CNN, Cable News Network

b. June 1, 1980 5 pm EST Atlanta, GA or New York, NY?

Sun 12 Gemini; ASC 27 Libra; Moon 18 Capricorn; MC 29 Cancer; NN 23 Leo

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn, isn't that the Sun/Moon combo of the English guy who invented the Internet? I mean, well, (blush), he invented the Internet after Al Gore...

This is a great chart for a News Channel. Air Sun and Rising can stick to the facts better than others. North Node in Leo in the 10th House, Leadership in Entertainment, not afraid to take a risk. The Chart Ruler is conjunct Mercury (communication) in the 9th House of International Affairs and Journalism.

Moon is in the 3d House, Public communication. Moon is in a Grand Trine with Chiron 16 Taurus and Mars-Saturn in Virgo (Excellent for critical, precise news reporting).

Mercury is conjunct Venus to the Degree at 2 Cancer in the 9th House of Journalism. Venus is Retrograde so maybe CNN has a complex that they're just a boring, unlovable News Channel, that's why their graphics give you epileptic fits. This conjunction is extra strong because Mercury and Venus are Parallel each other and Out of Bounds. They dispose to the 3d house Moon. And they trine the Asc. In addition to these natural News Reporter aspects Sagittarius rules the 3d house cusp and Gemini rules the 9th house cusp. You couldn't find a better chart for a Journalist.

Now here comes the Down & Dirty. CNN's Sun is in the 8th House. Wow, that's great for Research and Investigation (and putting spyware on people's computers). The Sun is trining Pluto which reinforces this (puts more spyware on people's computers, God only knows what kind of subliminal advertising they're pulling the viewer's through their visuals, well, I guess epilepsy and probably ADHD are enough just from what you really can see). Things here start to get squirrelly. Pluto is in the 12th House. This means, of course, there is strong empathy for the downtrodden. But there are also hidden agendas. Pluto squaring the Capricorn Moon means that there could be a little strong arming with regards to things like Marketing. CNN knows it wouldn't hurt anybody. But, if you're the Most Trusted Name in News, you are free to experiment with embedding those cookies all over people's hard drives and nobody's the worse for wear. Neptune is another planet to look at for Spyware type issues as it prefers behind the scenes ways of understanding people. Neptune here is in the 2d house of Values and Money and trining the North Node. That adds the Glamour/Attractiveness element. Pluto has been passing over it which means that there could be confusion about how to keep the Channel afloat financially.

Here are some rough notes about CNN's rise. According to Wikipedia, the "Watershed Year" was 1991 when the first Gulf War happened and CNN's coverage was most viewed. This was the Jupiter Return year. Go Bears! CNN's progressed chart was having a New Moon, meaning that p.Moon was conjunct p. Sun and also p. Venus conjunct the natal Mercury-Venus in 9th house. T. Uranus-Neptune-NN conjunct n. Moon (H3) (Truth & Appeal in Television communication). T. Pluto c. n. Uranus (motivation to uncover Truth). Lots of Major Influences.

On 9/11 CNN brought the first coverage. I watched Larry King for the next year solid because he never let up on the coverage and I couldn't get enough. Prog. Sun and t.NN were conjunct that 9th House Mercury-Venus. The Prog. Moon was in the 1st House (Reflection of Public Emotion) and t.Saturn was conjunct the n.IC (Reality Check at Foundation of the Chart/Life).

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My spyware checker takes CNN out of my favorites if I bookmark it. It doesn't matter which page you save, it has spyware.

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