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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

be of love (a little) more careful than of anything

We had a player piano in our house when I was growing up. It was an old 1910 model that my Mother bought in a junk shop and painted all kinds of bold colors: fuschia, olive green, orange, dark brown and cream. This is the piano that my parents partied on with a collection of piano rolls that came with it. I took my piano lessons on it and the dog scratched his back against it. Beside it on the wall my Mother tacked a lithograph made by the Artist/Nun Sister Mary Corita. It was an abstract print with a few bright colors with the words I've put into the title of this blog. Turns out those weren't Corita's words though. She was a Scorpio. The poet who penned this wisdom was a Libra:

e e cummings

b oct 14 1894 (7pm) cambridge mass.

sun 22 libra (moon 25 aries) asc 6 gemini (mc 10 aquarius) nn 30 pisces

What a great chart for a poet:

Sun in Libra trine Neptune
Gemini Ascendant
Neptune c. Pluto in Gemini in the 1st House in a Grand Trine with Aquarius MC and Venus in Libra in H5.
Mercury (Chart Ruler) c. Uranus (MC Ruler) in H6 squaring the MC and inconjunct Neptune-Uranus.
North Node on the Aries Point, either 30 Pisces or 1 Aries depending who draws the chart.

Complicating this configuration is his Moon in Aries. It's conjunct Retrograde Mars and opposing Saturn-Chiron in Libra. In his bio, his early life is full of crazy events. He was roommates with John Dos Passos and they both joined the Ambulance brigade in WWI together. Cummings was arrested for suspicion of espionage and spent 3 1/2 months in jail in France, Sept-Dec, 1917 (prog. Sun in Scorpio c. n.Uranus-Mercury, square MC). He was released and then drafted into the Army. His Father died in a car crash when he was 26 (Pluto-NN square natal Nodes). And by 1931 he had been married and divorced 3 times.

--be of love (a little) more careful than of anything.

Cummings spoke this from experience. Impetuous Aries Moon-Mars opposing Sun-Saturn in Libra. That aspect will certainly teach one some lessons about Love and Relationships. And Cummings described his experience through a completely new and original voice. And it looks as though both Cummings and his love life seem to have normalized a bit once both his progressed Mars and prog. Mercury went out of retrograde between 1930 and 1932. He met someone in 1931 and stayed with her for the rest of his life.

To get you in the mood for Libra, here's a link to some of ee cumming's poetry, photos, and art:
http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/8454/eec.htm. Enjoy.

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