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Monday, October 08, 2007

Petrarch - True Plutonic Love

In Honor of Sun in Libra, I'm still searching for example charts of those who experience True Love. This isn't necessarily just a Libra concept, but it's what I'm curious about right now probably because the Sun is in my 5th House. Have noticed that my blog has been added to website review list that's trafficked mostly by "wealthy men" who are looking for porno which means that those guys are being led to this site. (So this is how I get to celebrate Jupiter on the DESC and the fact that I gave my blog a stupid title with a dirty word in it).

Let's get this clear, you horny wealthy men. Sex doesn't come until the Sun moves into Scorpio. Get your frigging Sun Signs straight. Libra is about Courtly Love, something you pervs should try.

Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca,
for the Pervs it's just "Frank")
b. July 20, 1304 4:20 Arezzo, Italy

Sun 5 Leo; ASC 30 Cancer; Moon 5 Pisces; MC12 Aries; NN 16 Sagittarius

Okay, let me calm down. First off I'm having trouble understanding what was going on with the Calendar way back then and may be using the wrong chart. This is the Astrotheme chart time. I'm able to pull the same chart up on Solar Fire but astrodienst pulls up the "Gregorian" chart which gives a completely different chart. I'm not versed at all on what the Pope was doing to the Calendar, I think Julius Caesar was involved but who knows.

Petrarch is called the "Father of Humanism." I think this means that he thought that Man is the All-Glorious Center of the Universe, in direct contact with God, no Pope needed thank you very much. This is Good because it's been a very empowering force for Civilization's Progress. It's Scientific. I personally think it's also only sometimes true. Nature's just baitin ya if you really believe the Humanist POV. Everything the Humanists do eventually leads to black smoke coming out of factory pipes. Well, there are some good drugs, paintings and poems as well. This Love of Humanism also means that Petrarch hated Astrology because Humanists hate Astrology. That guy I talked about last month, what's his name, the Pisces Humanist, he's a Humanist/Skeptic too. The Amazing Randi is a Skeptic and he's a Leo like Petrarch. Well, that's neither here nor there, it's just the introductory ramble.

Leos are Romantics so Petrarch compensated for his big ego'd Humanism by having a neurotic, compulsive crush on a girl named Laura. He spied Laura in a Church in Avignon on April 6, 1327. He was Age 26 (after Chiron opposition, Minor Prog. Mars Return and Tertiary Prog. Merc. Return) and Laura was around Age 21 (Uranus square). Laura was married and unavailable, but Petrarch moved to a house in Avignon to be around her and for 3 years wrote more than 300 poems about his Love for her. This was True, Platonic Love. Love in its highest, most romantic form, i.e. without the clap. Plutarch kind of did for Love what Plato did for Form. Nowadays this behavior is called Stalking, Laura's husband would have called the cops on Petrarch.

Petrarch was a good note taker. He spied Laura across a crowded Church (I wish I could add theme music from "Some Enchanted Evening") on April 6, 1327 and recorded date/time. It was Springtime, Birds, bees, bunnies, poets all out doin Spring Break. On that day there was a Full Moon, Sun 24 Aries opposite Moon in Libra and we all know what happens on a Full Moon, especially a Full Moon in Libra.... Venus and Mercury were loosely conjunct in Aries in earlier degrees of Aries so the Moon would have opposed them first thus setting off Petrarch's mood for wine, women and song. Moon rules Petrarch's chart so he was extra vulnerable to its transits (and also women who are ruled by the Moon).

T.Mars was at 23 Gemini (intellect, compulsive poetry writing) jacked up by the aspects like the EveryReady Bunny. This Mars was involved in both a Grand Square and a Grand Trine. It hooked together a Mutable Grand Square with the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces, Pluto in Pisces and Neptune in Sagg with a Grand Air Trine of Mars-Chiron in Aquarius and Full Moon in Libra. This Grand Trine was also layered over Petrarch's natal Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra so his natal chart was set off. This is the perfect set-up for a poet. Petrarch found his Muse and created a new Sonnet Poetry form in the meantime. And another big transit: transiting Jupiter was conjunct both Petrarch's Ascendant and natal Sun-Mercury.

I looked for indicators for Courtly Love in Petrarch's chart. There are many. He was a die-hard Romantic. Sun conjunct Mercury both at 5 Leo is, of course, a major indicator as it rules Creative Love and Noble pursuits of a Romantic Nature and writing about them. Mercury rules his 3d House which emphasizes this.

Petrarch also had Moon in Pisces in the 8th House which indicates that the waters of his subconscious run a little deeper than most, perfect minefield for feelings that can never be fully expressed but also for a yearning to find creative expression for thme. There's also an interesting Yod here that hooks his Sun in Leo sextile Saturn (maybe also Moon) in Libra that are both inconjunct the Moon. The complicated nature of the Yod which has to find some super human way to combine influences that don't work well together. Sounds perfect for unrequited love that has some roots in emotional Insecurity that expresses itself best through professional means (Moon combined with Saturn).

There are all kinds of interesting stories about Petrarch "losing his Head." Mars ruled the head and the prominence of Mars in the transits on the day when Petrarch met Laura could show that he'd be vulnerable to losing his "head" over her. I wanted to find some big connection to the Fixed Star Algol but couldn't. Petrarch's body has been exhumed twice that is known about. The second time was in Nov. 2003. People wanted to know if he was really 6 feet tall and also to "borrow" his skull to make a replica for his 700th Birthday Celebration. The skull inside was cracked and was determined through DNA testing not to be his so at some point somebody stole his head. Sounds like more Algol stuff... The wikipedia article says that the rest of the bones were definitely his because they show indications of having been kicked by a Donkey at age 42, something which really happened. (LOL, that's so funny, I like anything an Ass does, after all). They don't say whether or not he was really 6 feet tall. The whole story is strange. People are strange. That's why I choose not to commit to Humanism. This search for Successful examples of True Love is really exhausting, I have to tell you.

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