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Monday, November 26, 2007

Boom Chickee Boom - Social Security

Must have just seen an article about the First Baby Boomer who applied for Social Security benefits because I've been looking at her chart. The 1st Boomer is Kathleen Casey-Kirschling and she will receive her first check in February, 2008. One of the articles I read called these guys the "Silver tsunami" (Donna Smith for Reuters, Oct. 15, 2007). Teehee, aht's a good one.

Kathleen Casey-Kirschling

b. Jan 1, 1946 1 second after Midnight, Philadelphia, PA

Sun 11 Capricorn; Moon 15 Sagittarius; NN 30 Gemini

Boy, I look at this chart and I think this lady really wants to retire. She's a hard-working Capricorn but look at the first house Neptune and Jupiter; the Sagg Moon and a conjunction of Venus-Sun hanging over her IC. She wants to have fun. She wants to stay at home. Work? Bleh.... So she's retiring early. Good for her.

Kathleen has a conjunction of Out-of-bounds, Rx Mars and Rx Saturn in Cancer so this is the longest Mars in Cancer transit retrograde Return cycle of her life. Waiting and waiting and waiting for that check to come in February.... Watching the Market tank as she waits....

It's kind of interesting that her Progressed Sun and Prog. Moon will be celebrating a conjunction on her 6th House cusp. Kind of interesting that she's going into retirement with all a Progressed New Moon happening on the cusp of her House of Work. It's in Pisces and transiting Uranus will be on that point as well so I guess that explains the topsy turvy side of things. Maybe one should read her chart upside down or something.

Oh, and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in December is happening on her natal Sagittarius South Node which just happens to be the Ascendant for the Social Security Administration.


The First woman to receive a Social Security check was Ida May Fuller. She had worked for only 3 years but received checks that paid a 22% return on what she paid into the fund. It helps that she lived to be a hundred years old, that's 35 years of checks. Wikipedia shows a picture of her. She looks just like Mary See, the chocolate lady.

Ida was born with natal Pluto and Neptune in Taurus, Uranus in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius. Those are all signs having to do with resources. This is the generation that finally tried to put an end to people going broke. Well, they had the Depression to spur them on, I guess. And they forgot to set it up so that all the rest of us Monkeys who follow would know how to keep it going.

Ida May Fuller

b. Sept. 6, 1874 Brattleboro, Vermont

Sun 14 Virgo; Moon Cancer or Leo; NN 28 Aries

Both Ida and Kathleen have hard Venus-Neptune aspects to each other and to the Nodes. Venus rules money. Rex Bills is in the car but I imagine that Neptune can partially rule retirement, definitely receipt of institutional funds. Kathleen's MC is included in the aspect so this is what she's "known" for.


The Social Security Administration is a Leo. Wikipedia gives an actual time for the signing of the Social Security Act.

Social Security Act

signed Aug. 14, 1935 15:40 Washington, DC

Sun 22 Leo; Moon 26 Aquarius; ASC 26 Sagittarius

The Sun-Moon opposition places a Full Moon in the 8th and 2d houses respectively. How about them apples? Nothing better than 2d and 8th Houses for setting up a Trust Fund. They were really trying to get this stuff right. It's interesting that Jupiter and Pluto will be in conjunction on Social Security's Ascendant this December. Pluto moving into the First House could bring crises and also a big change to the funds. Either way, the neglect will no longer be overlooked.

Bush says that the Funds will be completely exhausted by 2041. Transiting Pluto will be right on top of the natal 2d house Moon and opposing the 8th House Sun. Saturn will be in Pisces just passing out of the 2d house and opposing Neptune in Virgo. Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction that year in Libra in the 10th house and Jupiter will be gearing up for a Return in Scorpio. I swear, Jupiter in Scorpio always has the most low key Returns.

Who knows? The chart actually has a Mystic Rectangle that includes a Natal Saturn-Neptune opposition with a sextile-trine to a natal Mars-Jupiter opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Maybe with Pluto & Jupiter transiting over the Ascendant someone will come along who knows how to keep the funds moving.


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