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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whoopi Goldberg

Happy Birthday Whoopi Goldberg One of My Favorite Comedians In the Whole Wide World!

Whoopi Goldberg

b. Nov. 13, 1955 12:48 pm New York, NY

Sun 21 Scorpio; ASC 20 Aquarius; Moon 13 Scorpio; MC 7 Sagittarius; NN 19 Sagittarius

Wow, this is a weird chart. Whoopi's one of those people who isn't what she seems; but, she'd probably be the first person to admit it. It seems that Whoopi's almost like two different people who are nevertheless on the same mission in life. She has a very strong square aspect inside a very strong trine aspect which binds up all her planets into a Bundle Pattern which shows that she has a lot of enthusiasm, drive and luck for focusing on whatever she wants.

I have to admit it, I was sort of shocked when I first looked at the chart (astrotheme). First thing I noticed was the need for control. Whoopi's got Sun conjunct Moon and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is also squaring a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, H7. She's basically a Human Torpedo; there's such a strong will and drive here. But Scorpio is sensitive and low-key, it doesn't work by pushing and shoving. And Scorpio needs intimacy. Occasionally, Whoopi has to go through complete restructurings in her life as this combination will give an all or nothing attitude.

Scorpio likes Intimacy and, as all but one of the planets is above the Horizon in her chart,Whoopi just happens to like to be intimate with at least 10 million viewers at the same time. And with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the 7th House the 10 million viewers are strongly attracted right back at her. There's a "Pizaaz" vibe to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. The way this intense fixed square works is to cover itself up (Scorpio) while exposing itself (Leo). Scorpio works in private behind the scenes at the same time fuels the wild, zany Sagittarius-Aquarius combinations in her chart.

With Aquarius Rising and Sagittarius Midheaven, Whoopi's intellectual and humanitarian sides are what are shown to the Public. She's friendly and uplifting, salt of the earth and liberal. This is doubly emphasized as all of Whoopi's planets are bound up in a Bundle Shaped chart that's bordered by Venus-MC in Sagittarius on one end and her chart ruler, Uranus, in the 6th House on the other end. Whoopie dresses casually, a free spirit, doesn't like anything constricting. I actually watched a tape of the episode of The View where the other ladies convince her to wear a bra. She's got a Libra Mars that's basically unaspected except for a trine to her Ascendant. So the drive to be fair and to look at all sides of an issue are especially important to her. I sure hope she doesn't end up modeling for Victoria's Secret next but if she does Heidi Klum had better watch her skinny ass. Whoopi is one who has the courage to rampage through any taboos or boundaries.

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