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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moore's Law

This is a potentially interesting tidbit about Venus and its Retrograde Cycle. Venus goes Retrograde about every 18 months so this is considered a Cycle in Venus Land. Meanwhile, I've picked up a book at the Library called What We Believe But Cannot Prove: Today's Leading Thinkers on Science in the Age of Certainty edited by John Brockman. Since Astrology will never be proved and probably no one listed in this book believes in Astrology I wanted to see how preposterous their own thinking can get.

That's not very Venusian per se, but, under the listing for Charles Simonyi, a Computer Scientist for Xerox Corp Back In The Day, a strange cycle called Moore's Law is mentioned. It's not really a cycle, it's just something that seems to have happened in Computerland with the Semiconductors that says the world's computer capacity doubles every 18 months. A guy named George Moore mentioned it back in 1965 and it turns out he was right. Simonyi goes on to explain that computer software isn't written for this expansion pattern of computer hardware. He goes on to explain what he means and I'm about 1,000 IQ points short of ever being able to understand what he's talking about.

On the other hand, the 18-month Venus "Cycle" isn't really a cycle, it's just when Venus goes Retrograde, every 584 days. The actual Cycle occurs every 8 years, every 5th Retrograde when Venus returns to close to its original spot. And it involves a conjunction with the Sun.

Turns out Moore's Law goes back to it's creator who was also one of the founders of Intel. As mentioned already his name was George Moore. He published an article describing this phenomenal prediction on April 19, 1965 in a magazine (Electronics magazine I think?). Moore originally stated that computer capacity would double every two years, not every 18 months. He says so in the Wikipedia article. But the computer guys have done the math and have found this is an 18 month repeat thing. I wanted to take a look at his chart to see what's going on with his Venus. Turns out his Mars in Gemini is out-of-bounds and 2 years sounds more like a Mars Return thing. But his Venus transits and progressions seem to have been guiding him.

George Moore

b. Jan. 3, 1929 San Francisco, CA

Sun 13 Capricorn; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 30 Taurus

Moore has Uranus in Aries, unaspected. Uranus is Intuitive, good at predictions, and I swear to God the ruler of Cycles. It's also generally included in all things Computerlandish. Bill Meridien says in one of his online articles that Uranus stations predict the prices of Semiconductor stocks. (That article was from 2000.) So, it's interesting that Moore has a prominent Uranus.

(Just an aside, Moore also has Sun in Capricorn opposite Pluto just like the Federal Reserve Board, later degrees though, so maybe we should ask him where's he's got his $3 B invested).

So, Uranus has some say in the semiconductor world and it looks from the following transits/progressions in Moore's chart that Venus does too. During 1965, Moore's progressed Venus was 3 degrees past exact conjunction with his Uranus. Also, on the date of publication of this article, there was a t.Sun-Venus conjunction right on his natal Jupiter at 1 Taurus (ruled by Venus). Also, t.Jupiter was conjunct his North Node at the other end of Taurus (ruled by Venus). And he was about to have a Nodal Return of his Taurus North Node. The Uranus-Pluto in Virgo to Saturn in Pisces opposition was in effect but doesn't appear to have been affecting Moore's planets but it sure would be interesting to see how it was placed in his houses.

According to Ray Merriman Gold has some kind of an 18.5 month cycle and Crude Oil has an 18 month cycle. Venus traditionally rules Copper. Copper's heavily used in SemiConductors isn't it? If it is there's your Venus rulership of Semi-conductors.

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