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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cynthia Kenyon

Cynthia Kenyon would like to live to be about a hundred and fifty years old and although that's a ridiculous thing for other people to say it might actually be possible for Cynthia Kenyon. Ms. Kenyon is a Geneticist and Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UC San Francisco who works with worms called C. elegans. In 1992 she discovered that by disabling a single gene, daf-2, she was able to double the lifespan of her worms. At last count, she is able to extend the lifespans of her little worms six-fold.

Of course, I'm dying to get her birth data but alas, alack, these experts on aging don't believe in giving out their own age. The Wikipedia bio on Kenyon says that she was born in 1955, circa 1955 so I guess that means "give or take a year." What-eveeerrrr! This certainly doesn't give me much to work on. Here are the outer planet placements for beginning and end of 1955. They were all in process of changing or about to change signs that year.

Jan. 1955
JU 27 Canc SAT 19 Sco URA 27 Can NEP 29 Lib PLU 27 Leo NN 6 Cap Chir 28 Cap

Dec 31, 1955
JUP 2 Virg SAT 29 Scor URA 2 Leo Nep 1 Scor Plu 29 Leo NN 18 Sagg Chi 4 Aqu

In 1992, Kenyon was maybe going through a Nodal Return, possibly even a Jupiter Return. If in Sagittarius it makes sense that she would work with creating youth. If in Capricorn it makes sense that she would work with Aging so I can't even discern the difference here. Kenyon is a University Professor which is Sagg's realm but College Professors are born every year so this doesn't necessarily indicate Academia. She follows a strict low carb diet and has found that Insulin plays a big role in aging in her worms so I only suspect that Venus and Saturn are strong in her birth chart.

In 1992, the significant event in the sky was the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn which is the sign of old age. Recent years have brought those two planets together in a Mutual Reception aspect which has probably been a boon for her research. And Pluto will now pass in to Capricorn and in a few years time trace over Uranus and Neptune's path and may bring Kenyon's research to new levels.

In 1992, Pluto was also in the spot in Scorpio where Saturn was in 1955 when Kenyon may or may not have been born. I bet that has a strong influence on her powers as a gene researcher. Pluto was strong in its own sign which is the sign of regeneration, of the Phoenix which is a mythological creature which dies and rises up from its own ashes, lord of the underworld.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens during the t-square between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus that's coming with regards to Kenyon's work. Cancer is the sign of natural birth and babies and it will be absent from that formation. There will be a bunch of 180 year old earthworms walking around and no human babies. Now that's one for the Sci-fi channel.

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